The Hampton’s Curse
S.M. Williams

9781911175636 How much more suspicious can you get when everyone is lying to you? Kara Hampton, a fourteen-year-old girl, is suddenly whisked away to her aunt's household. Confused? Yes. Kara is unaware of the new world she is about to encounter. The strangeness of her cousins and the frightful presence of a creature who is on the prowl have most certainly got the better of Kara. With curious mysteries to unveil, the girl finds many unusual threads to her fate, which turns into an unruly turmoil. Finding her body changing, and new senses arousing, Kara is bewildered with shock as she's suddenly dragged into conflict with another pack of ancestral spirits. As she's dragged into a supernatural adventure, Kara gradually realises what her family's paradox is, and what she is about to become... Allow yourself to enter a world of doubt, dispute and excitement with Kara Hampton, as she reveals the long-kept secret of her family.
Published: July 2017
Paperback: 234 pages
Price: £8.99
ISBN: 9-781911-175636

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Generally, creating something unreal is what I enjoy most and imagination is my main influence. I’m more of a fantasy-type person in terms of books. Although I like to write day to day, normal life stories, I tend to weigh more over to the wacky, supernatural stories, and you can say that’s what inspired me to write this book as one of my first. Hopefully it portrays a phantasmagorical yet a humorous tale to teenagers, as I wrote this when I was 13/14, so this is mainly aimed at the younger generation who can relate to the language in the book. I really do hope you enjoy this book as much as I loved writing it! S.M.Williams
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Words to be performed from under a table by the last of us
James Parker

9781911175698 First there was Love and Suicide.
Then, we felt a heat and hell closing in.
Soon there will be the realisation that
broken will always be broken.
But now, we follow the writer, the observer and the lost mind through the various stages of one man’s life using poetry, sketches, short stories and observations.

A writer, an observer, a lost mind.
A journey inside, outside and
beyond the musings of one man.
Published: June 2017
Paperback: 138 pages
Price: £7.99
ISBN: 9-781911-175698

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An account of the achievements of John White, one of the true founding fathers of America
David Cuckson

9781911175643 John White was a man of vision. He was rector of the town of Dorchester in the English county of Dorset from 1605 until his death in 1648. Under his leadership, after a disastrous fire, the town was transformed into a model caring community, embodying his Puritan ideals. He then sought to export this model across the Atlantic, to what was becoming known as New England. He became the driving force behind the Dorchester Company and then the Massachusetts Bay Company, and he inspired many folk from Dorset and the surrounding area to emigrate and found a new Dorchester in Massachusetts. He also lived to see some of these early settlers go on to found what became known as Windsor in Connecticut. This is his story, and theirs, a story of new worlds at home and abroad.
Published: May 2017
Paperback: 98 pages
Price: £6,99
ISBN: 9-781911-175643

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David Cuckson studied law and theology at the University of Cambridge. He has worked as a Congregational/ United Reformed Church minister and as a solicitor in local government and in private practice. He is now retired and lives in Dorchester.
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Mike Gardner

9781911175582 Boxer Walker was voted the best scrum half in the world in 1980. The incredible story of his life is in part, a social history of a half-forgotten era, when coal mines were the economic bed rock of close-knit communities across the north. He shines a light into what life was like in a claustrophobic Cumbrian pit deep below the Irish Sea and you will join him in the Workington Town dressing room when they beat mighty Wigan to win the Lancashire Cup for the only time in the club’s history. You will also find out about the great players and coaches who helped to burnish his rugged skills and why he was always a prized target for violent forwards, years before the slick presentation of the Super League by Sky TV with its HD quality pictures and video replays.
Published: May 2017
Paperback: 356 pages
Price: £15.00
ISBN: 9-781911-175582

£15.00 (+ £3 postage)
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Boxer’s story is full of highs and lows, including the day he was felled so heavily at the Recreation Ground, that a rumour spread around the terraces that the tackle had killed him. Always exciting, uplifting, poignant, revealing and ultimately triumphant, Boxer: The Life of a Cumbria Great is a towering story of one of Cumbria’s finest-ever home-grown players and of a sporting character almost without compare.
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Rugby League Express

In a warts and all account, Gardner doesn't shy away from the fact that Boxer Walker could mix it with the best, almost a prerequisite of a scrum half's armoury in an era when every number seven was a target for enforcers. The award-winning author has written a superb account of a glorious career and this book is a must-read for every rugby league fan.

Adrian Durham, Talksport presenter, journalist and author

Mike Gardner paints a clear and poignant picture of Boxer as he is today, wonderfully written. Overall I enjoyed the description of old school rugby league, as well as the spirit and strength of the game in Cumbria. The photographs are a joy - plenty of them, and capturing an era and an area. The picture of the steps early in the book is awesome! Congratulations, loved it! The author should feel very proud

Rugby League Journal

It is all part of Mike Gardner's skills as a writer in taking us behind the scenes to the 'dark and mysterious' areas of rugby league that the fan doesn't see but only those who played the game can reveal. His descriptive talents and way with words at times present the story in an novel-esque style


The World’s Longest Bicycle
Trevor Cunningham

9781911175629 Em and Bill are twelve-year-old twins. After their mum and dad die, they live with their wonderful grandparents, Pops and Grannie. Together, they invent an amazing, snake-like bicycle that can seat up to a hundred children - and it even has ten superseats for those who can’t ride by themselves. The amazing bicycle is able to bend round corners and can even wind up and down the aisles of a supermarket. Everyone wants to know about it and it becomes a world-famous super-bicycle when they ride round Monaco in front of the world’s TV cameras.
Published:May 2017
Paperback:176 pages

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The World’s Longest Bicycle is for every child with no exceptions. It is completely inclusive, no matter who you are, your situation, or your ability. And it’s the first of its type in the entire world. A bicycle for up to 100 children to ride together, in a circle, in zig zags, even up and down the aisles of a supermarket. And in no time at all, it becomes famous across the entire globe.
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In The Shadow of Knucklas Castle
Katy Mac

Published: June 2017
Price: £12.00
Hardback 38 pages
Illustrations: Full colour
ISBN: 9-781911-175612

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This is a story about Knucklas Castle Hill, a special hill on the Welsh border It retells an ancient legend of King Arthur’s marriage to Guinevere, daughter of a giant. Today, in the upper Teme Valley, you can still fi nd traces of the story – not least in the river’s Welsh name, Afon Tefeidiad, so-called after Arthur’s words. There’s a huge stone in a field that looks like a giant’s head; a rock where the devil sat, and the old castle hill itself where the wedding took place. But how did the stone get into the field? And were there really giants here? Surely this ancient hill knows the answers.
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Frances Brett, Lecturer in Early Childhood

This vibrantly illustrated book shines a light on the secrets of a “special hill” on the Marches borderland, Knucklas Castle, quickly inviting the reader into a startling, ancient landscape where they can travel with Guinevere as she makes a dangerous journey to find Arthur, the one person who can free her brothers from the giants that occupy the land on the far side of the River Teme. Written as if it is a story being told close to your ear, or as if being performed live in front of you, the author walks a teasing line between knowledge, speculation and pure mystery, creating an atmosphere in which almost anything might happen – and then it does! It is beguiling and funny, with no claims being made for certainties, but a suggestion that to be intrigued, and to ask questions about the landscape around you, is satisfying and important. And by the end of the story there is a surprising twist in the tale that brings you back into the lap of fact, with photographs supporting this shift back to the present live landscape. Additional geographical, historical and archaeological detail offers information to help find, explore and make sense or story of a real place that can be visited. The move from the beautifully realised imagined lands within the opening pages, to the OS grid references at the end, captures the book’s journey – one that is well worth making, for children and adults alike.

Philippa Boast, grandmother and artist

Katy Mac treads a tight rope between fact and fantasy, history and mythology in this charming and informative book she has produced to help the Knucklas Castle Community Land Project. Colourful and whimsical illustrations enhance the story perfectly and we can smile as we learn more about the beautiful Teme Valley.


A Risk Assessment Guide to Murdering Your Financial Advisor
John Cullen

cover 2-1a b - RGB A Risk Assessment Guide to
Murdering Your Financial Advisor

Small time investor Daryl Anderson is bored by his humdrum job and his uneventful suburban life.
Seeking change, he gets conned by a financial shark. Broke and homeless, his marriage and family destroyed, he decides to take the law into his own hands and to execute the man who has destroyed his life.

He travels to the Bahamas where he cuts the man's throat beside a luxury pool. Caught red-handed, Daryl seems destined to spend the rest of his life in prison but instead he is overwhelmed by a wave of public sympathy. His trial at the Old Bailey becomes a media sensation and contributions pour in.
The world wants him freed but the law says he must pay.

What will the jury decide?

Published: May2017
Kindle: 476 pages
Price: £4.60

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Exiles of Titan
The Martian Phase

9781911175728 Deira MacMahon is recruited from GCHQ to the European Bureau of Investigation because she possesses a rare genetic mutation which enables her to undergo a process known as PHotonic Algorithm-Sequestered Engram transmission (PHASEing) without physical or mental damage. She is only six months out of the Bureau Academy and still getting used to being ‘transmitted’ to trouble spots around the world, when she and her supervisor are ordered on a mission to Mars – and must undertake the journey as the first human subjects of a new interplanetary PHASEing technology. The interplanetary PHASE affects Deira and her supervisor in very different ways and when the mission suddenly shifts to Titan, the sixth moon of Saturn, Deira must continue on alone.
Published: June 2017
Paperback: 476 pages
Price: £14.99
ISBN: 9-781911-175728

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While on Titan, Deira meets Sol Smith, a man with no past whose few remaining memories are at odds with reality and who seems vaguely familiar - although they have never met. Together, Deira and Sol, uncover a plot of enormous proportions – a plot that takes in the foundations of sub-quantal physics itself, and which must be thwarted if the human race is to survive.
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Amazon Customer

Sci-fi's not normally my cup of tea but a friend gave me this book as a present so I felt obliged to read it. I couldn't put it down! It's not just sci-fi it is also a mixture of mystery and thriller and I really enjoyed it. I thought Sol was a great character and I can't wait for the next in the series.