Home, I Remember Forever
John Adams

9781912419104 Holy Island, 1963. In the aftermath of a powerful winter storm, a damaged chancel reveals a secret, hidden for over 600 years…a testament to a love between a condemned kitchen maid and the soldier that saved her. In turbulent times, Hugh and Agnes embark on a journey across cities, marshes and oceans, but will they ever be able to return to their Northumberland home?
Published: February 2018
Paperback: 276 pages
Price: £9.99
ISBN: 9-781912-419104

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A romantic adventure told over different eras. Hugh, a handsome and reluctant young soldier in the English army, travels north on military duties where he has a chance encounter with Agnes, a kitchen hand maiden at the newly constructed Dunstanburgh Castle. In turbulent times their destinies become entwined and as their journey unfolds before them events will test their very own survival.
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The Fireman
Benjamin Walker

cover 2 A novella, inspired by real events; Ben Walker was a man who seemingly had the world at his feet. A Firefighting Officer at one of the UK’s busiest fire stations, he had just commanded one of the largest live rescues of public from an apartments block fire for generations, and had the enduring love of his faithful Golden Retriever Barney.

Within 18 months, following three life-changing tragedies and encountering an adversary more cunning & dangerous than any fire he’d ever attended, he was homeless, unemployed and penniless. Publicly and professionally disgraced, including doing prison time, on remand, in one of Britain’s toughest jails for a crime of which he has always maintained his innocence.
Publication date: April 15th 2018
UK Price: £12.00
ISBN: 9-781912-419227
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This is the story of how a man, once reviled - now revered, rebuilt his personal & professional reputation to become "in terms of kindness & contribution one of the mos influential Fire Service leaders in the world today" (Chief Bobby Halton- USA), create 3 bestselling textbooks and teach Firefighters globally, And how he found love and learned to trust again by following the “Firefighter's Code” of Bravery, Loyalty, Courage & Compassion.

Featuring scenes set in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Buenos Aires, Chicago, London and little Burton-on-Trent, this story has already been subject to film development offers & described as:
“Any Human Heart meets Cool Hand Luke”
“The most uplifting ‘Rocky’ type story in Firefighting history”

With startling real-life evidence documents appended, this book shows how betrayal, injustice & prejudice can be championed by love, integrity and one man’s refusal to give up, desire to do the right thing, to rebuild his honour, to do his duty as:

- The Fireman
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An imagined early life of Jesus by the former dean of Salisbury Cathedral
Hugh Dickinson

9781911175834 The most profound mystery of Christian theism is the affirmation that the man Jesus of Nazareth was also Divine. Exactly what that means has been a matter of constant debate for two millennia. Christian theologians have made use of a great variety of physical analogies and metaphysical concepts in the attempt to give a rational account of this belief, but the metaphysical algebra no longer has much traction for most people and divinity is not within the reach of materialist rationality. In order to emphasise the presence of the exceptional in him it has been natural to give greater narrative weight to the Divinity of Jesus of Nazareth than to his humanity, which has effectively been shrouded in the glow of the Divine The purpose of this brief essay in imagination is the belief that unless we grasp the biological earthiness of Jesus we cannot fully understand his the Incarnation.
Published: Oct 2017
Paperback: 86 pages
Price: £4.90
ISBN: 9-781911-175834

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The Very Revd. Hugh Dickinson, Dean Emeritus of Salisbury: Queen’s Scholar at Westminster. MA Oxford, Chaplain Trinity College Cambridge, Chaplain Winchester College, Bishops Adviser in Adult Education Coventry Cathedral, Vicar of St Michaels St Albans, formerly Dean of Salisbury, retired in the Cotswolds, distinguished poet and painter.
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A Risk Assessment Guide to Murdering Your Financial Advisor
John Cullen

cover 2-1a b - RGB A Risk Assessment Guide to
Murdering Your Financial Advisor

Small time investor Daryl Anderson is bored by his humdrum job and his uneventful suburban life.
Seeking change, he gets conned by a financial shark. Broke and homeless, his marriage and family destroyed, he decides to take the law into his own hands and to execute the man who has destroyed his life.

He travels to the Bahamas where he cuts the man's throat beside a luxury pool. Caught red-handed, Daryl seems destined to spend the rest of his life in prison but instead he is overwhelmed by a wave of public sympathy. His trial at the Old Bailey becomes a media sensation and contributions pour in.
The world wants him freed but the law says he must pay.

What will the jury decide?

Published: May2017
Kindle: 476 pages
Price: £4.60

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A really good read with a twist at the end.

Excellent read! Kept me gripped until the end, couldn't put it down x.

Exiles of Titan
The Martian Phase

9781911175728 Deira MacMahon is recruited from GCHQ to the European Bureau of Investigation because she possesses a rare genetic mutation which enables her to undergo a process known as PHotonic Algorithm-Sequestered Engram transmission (PHASEing) without physical or mental damage. She is only six months out of the Bureau Academy and still getting used to being ‘transmitted’ to trouble spots around the world, when she and her supervisor are ordered on a mission to Mars – and must undertake the journey as the first human subjects of a new interplanetary PHASEing technology. The interplanetary PHASE affects Deira and her supervisor in very different ways and when the mission suddenly shifts to Titan, the sixth moon of Saturn, Deira must continue on alone.
Published: June 2017
Paperback: 476 pages
Price: £14.99
ISBN: 9-781911-175728

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While on Titan, Deira meets Sol Smith, a man with no past whose few remaining memories are at odds with reality and who seems vaguely familiar - although they have never met. Together, Deira and Sol, uncover a plot of enormous proportions – a plot that takes in the foundations of sub-quantal physics itself, and which must be thwarted if the human race is to survive.
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Amazon Customer

Sci-fi's not normally my cup of tea but a friend gave me this book as a present so I felt obliged to read it. I couldn't put it down! It's not just sci-fi it is also a mixture of mystery and thriller and I really enjoyed it. I thought Sol was a great character and I can't wait for the next in the series.

Judith Meredith

I was given this title by a family member, it is not the type of book I normally read. Decided to try it and I had trouble putting it down. A murder mystery on the planet's it is well written and an enjoyable easy read.

Daniel Piper

The plot moves along at a good pace with twists here and there. Read it in a couple days, had trouble putting it down.

The Spirit of Ganesh
Slum kids of Calcutta

9781911175575 Many children have a very hard life in India. They sort through rubbish heaps, work in factories and beg on the streets. This is a story, the first of three, that tells of the lives of Rupa and her little sister Amrita. It tells of the hardships they endure, the adventures they have and the many people they meet. Lonely rich girl Aisha lives in the big house. Rupa and Aisha become friends and defeat the horrible Mr. Biswas. Danva, the dog, saves Amrita and becomes her best friend. Shanti and Hamid appear at the end of the book ready to continue the ‘Slum Kids’ story in Book 2. The ‘Spirit of Ganesh’ is a mixture of fun, drama, sadness and love, all watched over by the benevolent smile of the Elephant God.
Published:May 2017
Paperback:110 pages

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By the same Author
9781912419043 9781912419128
After teaching small children, for many years, I retired and now have six grandchildren and two step-great grandchildren. My early retirement was spent backpacking around India. On returning to England I had many photos but no intention of writing a children’s story. However, Shanti, who we met at a bus station, kept emerging in my memories of the street children in India. Because of this, I became obsessed with the thought that I had to write a story about four of the children, who lived and smiled in the face of horrendous misfortune. The spirit of Garnesh is the first of a trilogy. The other two being A Dance for Rupa and Shanti. I wanted a child with a physical handicap to be central to a story. Shanti and his special friend Ashiq are real children and as such were a special inspiration to me.
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A distinguished mathematician is sent to Northampton to solve a murder
Peter Hall

9781911175568 It is the middle of the nineteenth century. Brothers William and Robert Crossley both seek refuge from the severe discipline of their father in their very different dreams. William wishes to stay in their hometown of Northampton and follow his uncle as the town’s best watch and clock maker. Robert longs to get away and become famous. William defies his father and refuses to take the Cambridge entrance examination. Robert finds a tutor in the Vicar of Upstone, who not only prepares him for the examination, but also leads him in the creation of a seminal mathematical theorem. Robert finds fame and fortune through the work. But Robert’s authorship of the theorem is questioned. The President of the Royal Society sends Edward Pennington, a distinguished mathematician, and Doctor Clara Cox, to investigate. They uncover secrets that not only change themselves, but also have unforeseen consequences for the whole Crossley family.
Published:May 2017
Paperback:378 pages

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£12.50 (+ £2 postage)
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The story of a married couple entangled in a life of secrets
Reinhard Tenberg

What are we all looking for? The illusion of a South Pacific paradise? Love, happiness, understanding – distraction from the fact that we are getting older, reliving forgotten dreams … Who knows?

What provokes Ruth to go off the rails after 25 years of apparent family harmony? Can she keep her affair secret? Can her husband, Tom, deal with her taking some time out from their marriage?
When he seeks solace from a female friend, can the couple overcome the marriage crisis that ensues?
Published:1st Nov 2015
Paperback:286 pages

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and Kindle e-books

Reinhard studied English Literature, Linguistics and Politics and taught at the universities of Bristol, Palmerston North (NZ), Middlesex and Cambridge before joining the Foreign & Commonwealth Office where he spent the latter half of his career. Reinhard writes full-time now. He also writes short stories and poetry and has now embarked on his second novel. He continues to live in Cambridge.
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Caroline Gilfillan - Poet and Creative Writing tutor at the Open University

This is an unusual, subtle book. I strongly recommend it.

Taking Time Out is a compelling novel that takes a long, hard look at a couple whose marriage is in crisis. Ruth and Tom have been married for twenty-five years, and have it all: good jobs, a comfortable lifestyle, and two healthy children almost fledged from the nest. But there are seismic shifts beneath the shiny surface. Sharp, clever Ruth misses the passion that was present in their early years. Tom, working for a government department on matters he can't discuss with Ruth, longs for a more creative element to his life and embarks on a novel. But just before they're due to return to the South Pacific island paradise where they spent their honeymoon, Ruth vanishes. What will Tom do without her acerbic presence? Suzanne, a friend and editor, is everything Ruth is not, and Tom is tempted by her warm, sensual presence. The reader knows that Ruth plans to return, but will her marriage to Tom survive? The book slowly unravels the answers to these and other questions, in fresh, vivid prose that draws the reader into the lives of these characters.

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My Parents’ Darkroom - Developing the Past

When his mother moves into a care home, Jonas, an expatriate German history teacher, inherits an old cigar box containing relics from his childhood. However, on closer inspection, it also contains more sinister items. Will the page torn out of his mother’s 1944 diary and his father’s undeveloped negatives and his old cine film of 1938 reveal any clues about his parents’ role in the Nazi party? And where is the rest of the diary? Who has hidden it all these years and why? Jonas finds himself at the start of a journey which will lead him to discover some unsettling secrets. Should he have opened Pandora’s box?