The Grey Lodge – a world where senior police are untouchable
Robert Moon

From the school visit we remember, to the local beat cop who helped us out, we trust the police and we respect them - all of them. Despite the occasional cover ups, the miscarriages of justice, the corruption and the hidden decisions, it’s very much in our British psyche to trust police managers because we trust the local cop.
What if we shouldn’t trust them? What if we really knew how a murder could be covered up? What if, under the surface, lay a secret brotherhood protecting the elite and the chosen?
Robert Moon describes a world where senior police managers are untouchable, celebrities and politicians are protected after committing evil crimes, and when one man stands against them there is nothing they won’t do to hide the truth. It’s fiction – or is it?
Robert Moon’s vivid descriptions, detail and accuracy to police procedures and management are rooted in twenty-one years serving the public at the front end of policing in Scotland.

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Playing The Grey Man
Published:July 2018
Paperback:226 pages

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Robert Joined 23 SAS, became “Sabre”, and a squadron member for four years before accidentally joining the police.
He then walked, drove and ate ice cream in one of the toughest areas in Scotland for eight years before being exiled to the middle of nowhere. As the police changed from serving the public to serving statistics, he started to see a dark side to police-service and finally left the job, fed up of the corruption, nepotism and bullying, and after refusing his long-service medal. He now travels the world and complains a lot.
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Douglas Walker - The Sun Newspaper

Robert Moon has lived a full life. As part of the SAS he put his life at risk serving around the world.
After packing it in, he moved to the 'teuchter' branch of the Scots police expecting a simple life. Instead he was met by bent coppers and corruption dripping through the ranks from the highest echelons of the force.
Written with gallows humour, Moon is left deeply traumatised by what he experienced.
His description of front-line policing is too shocking to believe.

All Quiet in the Western Suburbs – WW1 in Chiswick and nearby districts
John Grigg

Millions of letters were written home by soldiers and sailors in the First World War and the men from Chiswick, West London, were every bit as prolific as their companions from elsewhere. Most of the letters in this book were sent to the Rev. Oldfield in Chiswick and he sent them on to the Chiswick Times, but there are others are to relatives, friends and employers and the Chiswick Working Men’s Club, and there are interviews and reports from journalists in the Chiswick Times and the Acton Gazette.
This is a unique record of the experiences of servicemen from the district who served all over the world. They describe the horrors of the war, writing of ‘Jack Johnsons’ ‘Rum Jars’ and ‘Coal Boxes’ (all nicknames for enemy shells and bombs) although often with feigned indifference, but many do not touch on the horrors at all - perhaps to protect relatives and friends from anxiety. The war was not confined to the European Western Front and this book includes letters and reports from other parts of the world: India, Africa, Egypt, Palestine, Greece, Mesopotamia (present day Iraq), and the Dardanelles. There are even letters from Russia where British forces were engaged against the Bolsheviks after 1918.
Published: June 2018
Extent: 460 pages
Paperback: £14.99
ISBN: 9-781912-419319

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John Howard Grigg was born in Feltham, Middlesex in 1935. He has lived in West London all his life apart from two years in Nottingham with relatives during the Second World War, and two years National Service with the RAF. He retired from the Midland Bank in 1987 and has always denied he was ever a bank manager. He served as a local councillor in Hounslow from time to time between 1958 and 1990. He is an amateur local historian specializing in local social and political history.
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A Walsall lad hits the wrong side of the tracks
Steve Grainger

Step into a decade where political correctness was frowned upon, when parental guidance was almost non-existent, where Social Media only existed in the mind of an incarcerated lunatic and where 18” wide flares were considered the height of fashion.
Welcome to the 1970’s.
Join Steve on his fascinating journey during a time where his taste for adventure and mischief were allowed to flourish – and very often, allowed to grow totally out of control.
From working on a fairground at the age of 11, to following his beloved Man United around the country by the age of 14 ­– this is an eye-opening exposé of a young man who stumbled in and out of court during his teenage years.
Set amidst the backdrop of the miner’s strike, the fall of a government,dubious glamour, charming innocence and a touch of brutality – take a step back into a time when colour TV was considered new technology, where many a fashion crime was committed and when violence on the football terraces was considered a national past time.
Published: June 2018
Paperback: 322 pages
Price: £11,99
ISBN: 9-781912-419388

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Born in 1960 in Kingstanding, Birmingham (in the same council house, his mom was born in) Steve was the second oldest of five children and he was up to mischief from the day he started to walk. His dad was a self-employed builder and his mom did out-work for local factories and did various cleaning jobs. It was hard going in the mid 60’s and during the summer holidays and aged only six, Steve would be given a jam sandwich by his mom and told not to come back until teatime. He would spend most of his days exploring with friends in the near by Sutton Park. Steve moved to Aldridge, Walsall in 1968. Prior to moving to Aldridge, for a full school year, come rain or shine Steve commuted very day (without his parents of course) from Birmingham to Aldridge on the famous Harpers buses. Always a bright and inquisitive child, Steve struggled with school work and to reflect attention away from his academic failures, he was happy to play the class clown. As a teenager Steve started to follow his beloved Manchester United, home and away and made several appearances in front of the magistrates. Still very much struggling to learn his ABC’s Steve officially left school at 15 and immediately got himself ‘A Local’ and a job in the building trade. Steve stayed in the building trade until he was 20, then he moved on to bigger and better things.
With Forwords by Man United Legend Norman Whiteside & star of stage & screen actress Shobna Gulati

NORMAN WHITESIDE - Manchester United & Northern Ireland Legend!

‘I have known Steve for several years mainly through his interest in football memorabilia and of course Man United. The late 1970’s always reminds me of my Doc Martens days and travelling from Belfast to Manchester every weekend to train with Man United schoolboys - great times. Mainly through humour and sometimes heartache, Steve has certainly captured the mood of a teenage boy growing up in the turbulent 1970’s. Anyone who was around in the 70’s will immediately identify with Steve’s book.
I just know the book is going to be a great hit and will sell like cup-final tickets’


‘Steve and I first met back in 2008 in very rowdy bar in Moscow. We were both in the Russian capital to see our beloved Manchester United win the Champions’ League. We have kept in touch ever since. Steve has been lucky enough to lead a very exciting and well-travelled life and whenever we meet up, Steve has always been wonderful company and has great stories to tell. I’m not the least bit surprised Steve has decided to put his experiences down on paper and I am in no doubt that Steve’s book will be a great success’

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Forty Days in the Greek Islands
Andrew R Black

From their very first visit to a Greek island, Andrew and his wife Morag were hooked and kept going back for more. As they got to know the country and the language better, they ventured further off the standard tourist trail, finding an endless variety of new places to visit. Twenty five years later they are still exploring and learning about the islands. So what exactly is the attraction of travelling around the Greek islands? There are plenty of guidebooks full of factual information to help you find your way about. Instead this book gives you an insight into some typical day-to-day experiences you might have. It is a personal recollection of forty individual days spent getting to know a selection of forty different Greek islands. It shows why Greek island hopping can be so addictive.
Published: Sept 2017
Extent: 294 pages
Paperback: £11.99
ISBN: 9-781911-175841

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This is a comfortable, pleasing book to read - it feels like a collection of short stories to be enjoyed at will, and not necessarily in order. Each island with a story of its own, as and when. Slow read...slow food. The style of composition was an apt reflection of the 'there's always tomorrow' Mediterranean way of life that Andrew Black has obviously felt and absorbed. So many mythological-sounding place names are mentioned, therefore the maps outlining the islands were really useful, as was the separate and clear list of island names at the end of the book that could be seen at a glance. Sometimes, when you read travel books, you are left wondering, "yes, but do they really know?" Having spent so much time in the Greek islands, it can be seen from Andrew's descriptions that, yes, he does really know, and has looked and lived beneath the surface of the Greek island culture. He writes it well, too. And on crisp, pure white paper.

A very enjoyable book that has inspired me to expand my knowledge of the Greek islands. There are several hand-drawn maps included, however this is not a standard guide book but an appealing account of experiences from many years of travel, including brief notes on Greek history (mythical, ancient and modern) interspersed with observations on geography, birds, plant life and delicious food. Not all tourists wish to leave the mainstream resorts, however the anecdotes in this book describing encounters with friendly, generous islanders should encourage many to step away from the crowds and undertake their own mini-adventures. Just ensure you leave enough time to relax each day in a local cafe to sip your iced coffee and savour the charm of Greek island life! Well worth reading.

Great book - the basis of next years holiday plans, makes Island hopping sound much easier than I had imagined and I may avoid some obvious mistakes (you pay when you get off the bus!). Recommended read in the planning stage of a holiday to the Greek Islands.

This is one of the best books I have ever read about the Greek Islands and as a regular traveller in Greece I am fussy! I only wish he would write some more.

The Horses Rejoice
Lynn Mann

Amarilla and Infinity have been the catalysts for change that they agreed to be, but they know there is more to be done. If they can befriend the Woeful and persuade the rest of humankind to do the same, then the ways of The Old will forever be in the past.

Amarilla, Infinity and their friends set out on a journey to find the Woeful, only to discover that their search becomes something so much more due to the horses they meet along the way. But they never forget what they agreed to do. They must find the Woeful. And then they must be willing to risk losing everything.

Published:June 2018
Paperback:364 pages

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Lynn Mann is a writer with a long-standing involvement with horses. During her school years, she spent as much time riding and being with horses as she could. She took a break from horses to study for her biology degree and then on leaving university, realised her dream of having her own horse for the first time. She worked on show-jumping, racing and dressage yards before starting a business as a saddle consultant and riding instructor, which involved working both in the UK and abroad.

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Book 1: The Horses Know

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Horse Magazine
This book was inspired by a special horse called Pie, a rescue adopted by author Lynn. It has a futuristic setting, where the world has all but destroyed itself. The heroine is Amarilla, whose family want her to develop a useful 'Skill' which will set her in good stead for the future. However, the youngster has other ideas and longs to be one of the 'Horse-Bonded' - someone that is spiritually drawn to a special equine. The bonded then dedicate their life to each other. But will Amarilla find a horse to have a special connection with? This is an enchanting story of preparing for an unknown future and developing a bond with a horse. Plus, 20 percent of royalties will be donated to The Society for the Welfare of Horses and Ponies, which rescued and rehabilitated Pie before Lynn rehomed her.

Paul Salmon - Fantastic book
Absolutely loved this book, a real eye opener and page turner, kept me engaged and hooked until the end.
Highly recommended read ******

Susan Wilkinson - A novel for the horse lover and the sci-fi enthusiast
In Amarilla we find our new heroine with much to offer. Hopefully a sequel will follow.
I found the book quite inspirational and heartwarming and was a page turner.
The relationship between the horses and the characters was something that the horse enthusiast would recognise.

MJ - Brilliant
This was a great read, very creative and thought provoking.
It was a clear and well thought through story and opened my eyes to a different way of thinking about how important the bond between humans and horses is and can be.
A book aimed at adults and children.
I will be looking out for the sequel and can't wait!

Bridget Jones - Surprised
I would have said that apart from the equine theme this would not have been to my taste at all but I found it totally engrossing and strangely plausible. I could relate to many of the characters and horses and although I wanted to reach the conclusion of the story I was left wanting more. I look forward to more from this author.

Beki - Amazing. Please read this book
Wow! Amazing. Please read this book.
I so hope there will be a sequel?

Amazon Customer - Wonderful story
This fictional story is written in a very creative and beautifully imaginative manner. We know many parts hit on the truth.
It is thought provoking and funny and some parts brought me to tears. Whether we have a horse, or just know they are magnificent and graceful beings the story lifts up our vibration and I am looking forward to reading Lynn's next novel.

David Attenborough

The Wildlife Roleplay Book by Jenny Sugen, published by YouCaxton, received a charming boost the other day. Jenny’s daughter was at a conservation evening in London where Sir David Attenborough was  a special guest. Not only was Sir David happy to pose with Jenny’s daughter and the book, he also wrote to Jenny by hand afterward to thank  her for letting him see it.

Agents of Titan
The Lunar Portal

It is twenty years since Deira and Sol MacMahon were instrumental in foiling the three-fold plot to destroy Earth by the aggressive aliens known as the Cthon. Twenty years, during which time their son, Josh, has grown to become an agent himself, and their daughter, Juliette, has entered a sub-quantal physics research lab. Now the Cthon are back, with an attack so devastating that it will test the agents to breaking point. The Eich can see no way out of the current nightmare and, in desperation, send Josh on a mission to the Cthon home world. Meanwhile Deira and Sol work frantically with the authorities on Earth to try to combat this most potent threat. It’s a race against time. A race to safeguard Earth and evacuate the thirty-five thousand inhabitants of Mars Base before disaster strikes. A race that will raise questions about the Eich, the Cthon and the nature of sub-quantal space. A race that will force Deira MacMahon to confront her worst nightmare…

Other books in the series...
Book 1: Exiles of Titan - The Martian Phase
Published: May 2018
Paperback: 508 pages
Price: £11.50
ISBN: 9-781912-419258

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My Scottish Common People – The history of a Scottish family
George Smith

My Scottish Common People is the account of a family history which could stand for a history of the Scottish working class over the last four hundred years. George Smith has tracked eight paternal and maternal lines of forebears, common people who lived in Angus, Inverness-shire, Perthshire, Fifeshire, Orkney and Dundee. They include jute mechanics, seamstresses, handloom weavers, smallholders, farm hands, and fishing families, and finally the not-so-common author’s father, a shipyard joiner who became a trade union leader, TUC president and knight of the realm who will be familiar to many in the Labour Movement.
This book tells of the life events of ordinary people and their pursuit of livelihoods. Included are: members of a congregation that quit the Church of Scotland over a point of principle in 1733, a thirteen-year-old fisherman who joined the naval militia during the Napoleonic war, a politically active shoe clicker who supported a Proletarian Sunday School, a stone mason who helped to build Stevenson lighthouses, an Orkney ploughman and family who migrated to Dundee for a better life, a poor agricultural labourer given free oatmeal and cash from the the Church of Scotland, a widowed mother who survived as a seamstress. All are representative, including, and perhaps especially, a handloom weaver, later soldier, who was in a mutiny in 1794.
Published: May 2018
Extent: 234 pages
Paperback: £9.00
ISBN: 9-781912-419234

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George Smith was born in Dundee and moved to England as a child. He has since visited Scotland many times. He was educated at Nottingham University, Garnett College, the London School of Economics and the Institute of Education, London University which awarded him a doctorate. For most of his working life he was a lecturer in social studies and contributed to academic publications. He was a magistrate for nine years. In retirement he has furthered his long-held interest in family history through research and published articles. A volunteer, he is an adviser for Citizens Advice. He lives in Worcestershire.
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