Agents of Titan
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It is twenty years since Deira and Sol MacMahon were instrumental in foiling the three-fold plot to destroy Earth by the aggressive aliens known as the Cthon. Twenty years, during which time their son, Josh, has grown to become an agent himself, and their daughter, Juliette, has entered a sub-quantal physics research lab. Now the Cthon are back, with an attack so devastating that it will test the agents to breaking point. The Eich can see no way out of the current nightmare and, in desperation, send Josh on a mission to the Cthon home world. Meanwhile Deira and Sol work frantically with the authorities on Earth to try to combat this most potent threat. It’s a race against time. A race to safeguard Earth and evacuate the thirty-five thousand inhabitants of Mars Base before disaster strikes. A race that will raise questions about the Eich, the Cthon and the nature of sub-quantal space. A race that will force Deira MacMahon to confront her worst nightmare…

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Book 1: Exiles of Titan - The Martian Phase
Published: May 2018
Paperback: 508 pages
Price: £11.50
ISBN: 9-781912-419258

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My Scottish Common People – The history of a Scottish family
George Smith

My Scottish Common People is the account of a family history which could stand for a history of the Scottish working class over the last four hundred years. George Smith has tracked eight paternal and maternal lines of forebears, common people who lived in Angus, Inverness-shire, Perthshire, Fifeshire, Orkney and Dundee. They include jute mechanics, seamstresses, handloom weavers, smallholders, farm hands, and fishing families, and finally the not-so-common author’s father, a shipyard joiner who became a trade union leader, TUC president and knight of the realm who will be familiar to many in the Labour Movement.
This book tells of the life events of ordinary people and their pursuit of livelihoods. Included are: members of a congregation that quit the Church of Scotland over a point of principle in 1733, a thirteen-year-old fisherman who joined the naval militia during the Napoleonic war, a politically active shoe clicker who supported a Proletarian Sunday School, a stone mason who helped to build Stevenson lighthouses, an Orkney ploughman and family who migrated to Dundee for a better life, a poor agricultural labourer given free oatmeal and cash from the the Church of Scotland, a widowed mother who survived as a seamstress. All are representative, including, and perhaps especially, a handloom weaver, later soldier, who was in a mutiny in 1794.
Published: May 2018
Extent: 234 pages
Paperback: £9.00
ISBN: 9-781912-419234

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George Smith was born in Dundee and moved to England as a child. He has since visited Scotland many times. He was educated at Nottingham University, Garnett College, the London School of Economics and the Institute of Education, London University which awarded him a doctorate. For most of his working life he was a lecturer in social studies and contributed to academic publications. He was a magistrate for nine years. In retirement he has furthered his long-held interest in family history through research and published articles. A volunteer, he is an adviser for Citizens Advice. He lives in Worcestershire.
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A Story of friendship and adversity set in pre-war Stoke-On-Trent
Jean Jayward

Set between the wars and touched by both of them, this is a story about the transformative power of creativity… and the jealousy that it can arouse. Whilst being true to the spirit of her late father, the Royal Doulton Art Director and designer Walter Hayward, the author has spun an exciting tale of loss and restoration, friendship and bullying, in which a close-knit community comes together to help Walter achieve his dream of creating a great Dragon Vase… with surprising results! And not everyone is friendly… The lamplit streets and smoky bottle ovens harbour an evil presence. This is a cosy story – with a dark edge.
Published: May 2018
Extent: 424 pages
Paperback: £12.95
ISBN: 9-781912-419180

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A Purely Agricultural Parish
David Pracy

This book paints a vivid picture of a west Essex country village in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. In 1900 and again in 1912, Nazeing Parish Council described it as ‘a purely agricultural parish’, and the book asks how true this statement was. Almost half of Nazeing people were born in the village, and almost half of those who worked had jobs related to the land. Yet in 1908 a new housing development and the building of an important new road began the changes that were to transform Nazeing in the twentieth century. A wide range of sources includes censuses, the Lloyd George land survey of 1909-12, trade directories, newspapers, and reminiscences of older people who were children in Nazeing before the Great War. There are short biographies of the thirty-three men who died in that war and the names of the 155 who served. Over a hundred buildings are described, most of them accompanied by photographs, and there is an unusual and refreshing emphasis on ‘ordinary’ working families. The book will interest anyone who lives or has family roots in Nazeing, and also the general reader and the specialist historian. Nazeing History Workshop was founded in 1993 to discover, record and share the long and rich history of this west Essex village. David Pracy is a retired librarian who has an MA in Local and Regional Studies from the University of Essex. Jacky Cooper is a retired therapist whose family roots in Nazeing go back 200 years. The cover images were painted by Kate Henty, who lived in Nazeing from 1872 to 1886.
Published: May 2018
Extent: 392 pages
Paperback: £10.00
ISBN: 9-781911-175889

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Nazeing History Workshop was founded in 1993 to discover, record and share the long and rich history of this west Essex village. David Pracy is a retired librarian who has an MA in Local and Regional Studies from the University of Essex. Jacky Cooper is a retired therapist whose family roots in Nazeing go back 200 years. The cover images were painted by Kate Henty, who lived in Nazeing from 1872 to 1886.
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Of Peats and Putts – A whisky and golf tour of Scotland
Andrew Brown

In this book, one man returns to rediscover his native Scotland through its most famous exports; whisky and golf. He finds that both derive from what makes Scotland great – its land and its people – and that the very earth contributes to the essential ‘architecture’ of both.
With an engaging and philosophical approach, the author creates a tour of Scotland, offering insight into the industries behind whisky and golf, as well as the history and experience of both.
Matching distilleries and courses by region, he discovers some hidden gems and some unique experiences, concluding that both pursuits offer more than the sum of their parts. Both simple yet complicated, these two great representatives of Scotland offer insight into this unique country, its landscape, its people and beyond that life itself.
Published: May 2018
Hardback: 174 pages
Price: £19.50
ISBN: 9-781912-419166

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Andrew Brown was born in Edinburgh, brought up in the Borders and educated at Loretto School in Musselburgh. After reading history at Cambridge University, he pursued a career in the food industry, marketing many famous brands such as Bisto, Hovis and Mr Kipling.
He has three grown-up children, is now retired and, outside of his regular visits to Scotland, lives in the Chilterns. Apart from playing golf he is an enthusiastic dog walker, a very average tennis player and a novice gardener.
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Nazeing History Workshop, Essex

David Pracy’s minutely researched new book, A Purely Agricultural Parish? Nazeing before and during the Great War, published by YouCaxton and part of our History Series, is being launched at an exhibition by the Nazeing History Workshop, 5-7 May, at St. Giles Hall, Nazeing Road, Essex, EN9 2HU. Admission is free and there is a special offer on titles previously published by Nazeing History Workshop.

A Purely Agricultural Parish?  contains a wealth of detailed information about Nazeing families of all classes immediately before and during World War I and is enlivened by 180 illustrations. It is a very effective account of the social make-up of Nazeing at that time. It will be on sale at £10.00.

Margaret Clive and Friends


At 7.30 pm on Thursday 17th May, in Bishop’s Castle Town Hall, YouCaxton Managing Editor Bob Fowke will be repeating his talk, ‘Margaret Clive and Friends’, interest from the public having exceeded the available space in February.

During the eighteenth century some remarkable young women crossed the ocean to India to seek their fortunes. Margaret Maskelyne who married Clive of India and was sister to Nevill Maskelyne, Astronomer Royal, was one of the cleverest – and funniest. Bob Fowke will be exploring her life and the network of her friends,  in a talk relating to his upcoming book.

‘Women were an essential element within the Company from its earliest days. The gravestones and memorials around Saint Mary’s Church in Fort St George, Chennai/Madras, bear ample testimony; around a quarter of them are of women, several dying early in childbirth. But those tragic deaths tell only part of the story. It took courage, ambition and a spirit of adventure to travel to the far side of the world in search of love and fortune and the young women who undertook that journey were exceptional people, setting out of their own accord, sometimes with only the grudging consent of parents or guardians, and confidently accepting the risks. Many of them traded independently and some were of high intellect …’

Not to be Forgotton
Cynthia Bryan

Cynthia Bryan – Cynthia Duncan, Cynthia Ashley Cooper – born in 1920, lived a remarkable life that spanned most of the twentieth century. Brought up to be a ‘deb’, she nursed badly burnt airmen in the Second World War, then during a holiday to South Africa, married the Governor General’s son. He became an anti-apartheid activist, whom she unquestioningly and courageously supported – having four children in the process. After his escape from South Africa, they lived in a tiny remote village in the mountains of Lesotho (then Basutoland). After the British Government banned him from Basutoland, she followed him to Algeria with the family, where they spent the last few years of his life. Newly widowed, she returned to England with her four children, and some years later married a Conservative Member of Parliament with three daughters. She created family homes in Yorkshire and London for the seven children and their burgeoning families; supported her husband's political work, including through an active social life; and in her spare time volunteered in a family planning clinic. She died in 2017 aged 97.
Publication date: April 15th 2018
UK Price: £10.00
ISBN: 9-781912-419197
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These vignettes of her life – narrated with wit, enjoyment and self-deprecation – tell of a beautiful woman of adventure, courage and great loyalty; of style, common sense and practicality; and of someone who observed with humour the ups and downs of life. We hear her voice through these pages telling her stories, and are reminded of what an exceptional woman she was -- and what an extraordinary life she led.