A History of Manchester
Stuart Hylton

manchester history

A History of Manchester by Stuart Hylton gives an excellent and well-researched account of Manchester from its earliest days as a mud and timber fort built by the Romans some two thousand years ago but focuses on Manchester as the shock city of the early Nineteenth Century, at the cutting edge of dramatic changes in society – technological, social, economic and political. It describes how radical new relationships between employer and employee influenced the development of Marxism, with all its consequences for the Twentieth Century and how, in transport terms alone, the city led the way with the first real canal, the first real railway, the first public bus services and the first municipal airport.

Stuart Hylton’s entertaining account of this great city was first published in 2003 and received widespread acclaim. It has been expanded and updated for this new edition, which includes over a hundred carefully chosen and well-captioned illustrations. It makes an excellent point of departure for anyone wishing to know more about Manchester’s illustrious past.