Abergavenny Writing Festival, Self-Publishing Workshop

YouCaxton is hosting a workshop on self-publishing at the Abergavenny Writing Festival on Thursday 2 April at 16.30. Writers will hear a series of short presentations on the self-publishing process, from editing through to the production of print-ready files and publication. The workshop will also cover eBooks and marketing. There will be limited time for questions but Bob Fowke, our managing editor, will stay after the workshop has finished and should be able to answer them then.


Topics to be covered will include:

1. Editing and why it matters. 2. Preparing the manuscript and thinking about the niche, 3. Design, layout and print-ready files, 4. Printing, publication and ISBNs, 6. Distribution through Amazon, online sales, and bookshops, 7. eBooks, 8. Pricing your book.