YouCaxton was established in the 1980s to produce reference books for educational publishers.

Now a publishing house providing publishing services to authors and artists wishing to self-publish;
we also publish a selection of titles each year under the ArtCircus-Books imprint.

Authors who choose to self-publish with YouCaxton have access to our editorial, production, design and distribution services.
Before a project starts, we will explain the process in detail and discuss how we might help.
The author is always in control and decides what they would like us to do and what they would like to do themselves.
We'll be happy to discuss your project and suggest what publishing route to follow  – there's no charge for an initial consultation.
If you would like to have a chat about your book, please contact us at

YouCaxton is uniquely friendly to writers:
We can do the whole job for you or you can pick and mix from our services when you need help.
There are no contracts to tie you or your book to YouCaxton.
The process and all of the costs are explained in advance so there are no surprises.
Our Print-On-Demand service means that you can order as many copies as you choose whenever you choose.
So, no need to stock hundreds of books in distribution warehouses.
You retain copyright and all profits from sales.
We can help you to get your book onto Amazon and other online distributors as well as Kindle eBooks.
We supply ISBNs and barcodes free of charge and we can arrange for distribution through wholesalers.

Publishing Support for Writers and Artists