Self-Publishing Taunton
We help self-publishing writers publish high-quality books.

We publish about fifty titles each year across all genres and we specialise in niche-non-fiction, memoir and art books.
Over the last year we've published several biographies and histories including a history of English cats; books on aspects of medicine and sport as well as a number of novels and poetry anthologies.
We're always looking for new books.
If you have a book which is ready, or nearly ready, for publication, please contact us; we'll be happy to discuss your project and suggest what publishing route to follow

Our service is uniquely friendly to writers: We can do the whole job for you or you can pick and mix from our services when you need help.
There are no contracts which tie you or your book to YouCaxton.
You retain the copyright and profits from sales.
All of the costs are explained in advance so there are no surprises.
Our Print-management and distribution service means that you can order just a few Print-On-Demand copies or we can arrange to print as many copies as you need using traditional Litho Printing.
We handle orders from bookshops and arrange for distribution through wholesalers
We also upload your book to Amazon and other online distributors as well as Kindle eBooks. We supply ISBNs and barcodes free of charge and we can arrange for distribution through wholesalers.