Self Publishing

When you first contact us, we will have a chat with you to work out if you need our help.
We will try to answer any questions you may have about the publishing process and the costs.
Our aim is to make publishing an enjoyable experience with a friendly adviser on hand to help whenever you need it.
We can do the whole job for you or you can pick and mix from our services.
All of the costs are explained and agreed in advance so there are no surprises.

Use this form to work out how much it will cost to get your book ready to publish.
We would be happy to discuss your book and and explain the process in detail.

Number of words: Publication options? 
Editorial options
Ongoing Support & Advice:£150 Structural Review:£0
Consistency check:£25 Copy Editing:£0
Edit Cover text:£25 Proof Reading:£0
Design and Layout
Cover Design and layout: £225 Conversion to eBook:£0
Design and Layout of interior: £200 Candidate wordlist for index: £0
Print-ready files check: free Layout of index: £0
Supply ISBN and Barcode:free Register ISBN with Nielsen:£20
Short-Run Printer fee:£35 Publish on Amazon:£0
Bound-Proof copy:£25 Publish on Kindle:£0
Please get in touch to discuss your bookTotal Cost £695

Your Project

We aim to make your self-publishing venture an enjoyable and rewarding experience.
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Following the initial free editorial review, we offer four levels of editing as well as proof-reading. You choose which, if any, are appropriate in your case:

1. Edit of sample pages and short report (£30)

We edit a few pages to highlight editorial issues to the author who can then look for similar problems throughout the text. This will reduce the amount of further copy-editing if that is also required.

2. Broad structural editing and criticism (£5 per thousand words)

A structural review is particularly relevant for works of fiction.
The structural reviewer will address the following main areas and produce a short report for the author " Read More

3. Copy editing (£10 per thousand words)

A copy-editor takes a close look at your text, line by line, with an eye to grammatical errors, repetition, inconsistency and lack of clarity. The copy editor will make changes to the text, with suggestions for rewriting, grammar, and punctuation. When you receive the edited version, you have the final choice about accepting of rejecting the individual changes.

4. Proof Reading (£8 per thousand words)

Proof reading is a line-by-line check that the book is ready for publication. Proof readers will make small corrections for punctuation, grammar and spelling but they will not make significant changes to the text.
A proof reader will identify any significant issues and add comments to the text so that you can make those corrections yourself.
If you have decided to complete this stage of the process yourself, we will send a detailed check-list to help you.
We ask you to try and ensure that the book is completely ready before we start the layout.
Once the layout has started, we expect that you might want to to make a small number of amendments but if there are a significant number, we may need to charge for the extra time it takes to change the layout so best to discuss this with us first.

5. Consistency Scan

If you decide your book doesn’t need a full proof reading, we offer an electronic scan to search for common errors and inconsistencies.
This looks at issues such as inconsistent spelling and inconsistencies of hyphenation and capitalisation.

6. Cover text

The quality of the text on the cover is very important as it indicates the quality of the writing in the book.
The title, sub-title and back-cover blurb are all important elements and we work with you to make sure that these are as effective as possible.

Design Room

When your final manuscript is ready, we provide you with an ISBN and barcode and discuss your design-brief. This specifies the dimensions of the book and whether it is printed in black and white or colour, paperback or hardback. It also specifies the details of the interior layout and book design as well as the type of paper. You have the final say in this process and our designers will follow your brief as well as  offering suggestions

1. Cover design and layout(£225)

This includes the front and back cover with ISBN and barcode. The price is for work of average complexity and with images provided by the author.

2. Interior design and typesetting (£225)

We layout the interior to include preliminaries, index if required and contents. The cost can vary depending on the complexity of the layout and the number of pages

3. Amendments

When the design is finished we send you a digital proof (as a file in PDF format). This includes the interior and a choice of cover designs based on your specification. You then use the Late Amendments facility to notify the designer of any further changes to the text and any developments to the design. Further digital proofs follow until you are satisfied with the book and authorise going to the printed proof stage.

4. Printing and a bound proof

Once you have given approval of the PDF proof,  we upload the files to the printer and you will receive a bound proof copy, identical in every respect to the finished book, within approximately ten working days. We use a selection of printers, including Print-on-Demand Worldwide, CPI, Lightning Source and CreateSpace, depending on which is the most appropriate for your book. For longer print runs, we obtain best prices from a wide range of traditional printers.

5. Registering the finished book

When you have signed off the proof copy, we register the ISBN and catalogue details with the databases of book-trade and retail outlets in the UK and USA (if required). Your book then becomes available on the main bookseller websites including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Waterstones.