Agents of Titan
The Lunar Portal

It is twenty years since Deira and Sol MacMahon were instrumental in foiling the three-fold plot to destroy Earth by the aggressive aliens known as the Cthon. Twenty years, during which time their son, Josh, has grown to become an agent himself, and their daughter, Juliette, has entered a sub-quantal physics research lab. Now the Cthon are back, with an attack so devastating that it will test the agents to breaking point. The Eich can see no way out of the current nightmare and, in desperation, send Josh on a mission to the Cthon home world. Meanwhile Deira and Sol work frantically with the authorities on Earth to try to combat this most potent threat. It’s a race against time. A race to safeguard Earth and evacuate the thirty-five thousand inhabitants of Mars Base before disaster strikes. A race that will raise questions about the Eich, the Cthon and the nature of sub-quantal space. A race that will force Deira MacMahon to confront her worst nightmare…

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Book 1: Exiles of Titan - The Martian Phase
Published: May 2018
Paperback: 508 pages
Price: £11.50
ISBN: 9-781912-419258

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