Barley’s Biscuit
Roy Bradshaw

Barley's Biscuit
Brosely, Benthall Edge
(Pattern's Rock Quarry)

Barley is a clever dog who loves a biscuit treat.
He feels that if a treat is earned it always tastes better.
Alongside his nephew Basil, and their human friend Mick, Barley always spots some sort of dangerous situation happening during their walks in and around the beauty spots of Shropshire.
Follow the adventures Barley and Basil go through during their walks, and the interesting facts they pick up along the way about the different areas of outstanding natural or manufactured beauty.
Enjoy the clever way Barley draws a solution and Basil helps to resolve the dangerous situation.
Published: Jan 2021
Price: £5.99
Paperback 28 pages
Illustrations: Full colour
ISBN: 9-781913-425715

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This first book finds Basil accidentally becoming the dangerous situation at Pattern’s Rock Quarry and its steep cliff edge sides. During a rainy and stormy day, Barley has to be clever, sensible and brave to rescue his nephew from a fate too horrible to think about. During the two dog’s adventures, Mick their human friend, never knows what’s going on, but somehow, Barley always gets a biscuit… and so does Basil.

Teaching in primary, secondary and special educational needs schools gave Roy Bradshaw a broad experience in the joys that a good adventure story brings to young minds (and not so young minds). Coupled with a previous career in engineering, the teaching helped to gel a problem-solving mind with fun one. Growing up in the Black Country, then moving close to Ironbridge some thirty years ago has allowed him to discover many of the local beauty spots and to use them as a background for my children’s books.
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