The Fireman
Benjamin Walker

cover 2 A novella, inspired by real events; Ben Walker was a man who seemingly had the world at his feet. A Firefighting Officer at one of the UK’s busiest fire stations, he had just commanded one of the largest live rescues of public from an apartments block fire for generations, and had the enduring love of his faithful Golden Retriever Barney.

Within 18 months, following three life-changing tragedies and encountering an adversary more cunning & dangerous than any fire he’d ever attended, he was homeless, unemployed and penniless. Publicly and professionally disgraced, including doing prison time, on remand, in one of Britain’s toughest jails for a crime of which he has always maintained his innocence.
Publication date: April 15th 2018
UK Price: £12.00
ISBN: 9-781912-419227
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This is the story of how a man, once reviled - now revered, rebuilt his personal & professional reputation to become "in terms of kindness & contribution one of the mos influential Fire Service leaders in the world today" (Chief Bobby Halton- USA), create 3 bestselling textbooks and teach Firefighters globally, And how he found love and learned to trust again by following the “Firefighter's Code” of Bravery, Loyalty, Courage & Compassion.

Featuring scenes set in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Buenos Aires, Chicago, London and little Burton-on-Trent, this story has already been subject to film development offers & described as:
“Any Human Heart meets Cool Hand Luke”
“The most uplifting ‘Rocky’ type story in Firefighting history”

With startling real-life evidence documents appended, this book shows how betrayal, injustice & prejudice can be championed by love, integrity and one man’s refusal to give up, desire to do the right thing, to rebuild his honour, to do his duty as:

- The Fireman
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