Flamingos over the Yorkshire Moors
Fay Carr

Fay Carr_Flamingos over the Yorkshire Moors_Cover As a young child living in Rome, Gabriella knew only the comforts of life and the love of a dedicated family. But her cosy world was disrupted by events that at her tender age she could not understand. During her growing years she recaptured in far away Africa the joys and happiness of life that also paved the way to a happy marriage and the fulfilment of motherhood. But another chapter of life was to begin and in Yorkshire she fought the hardest battles of them all.

Fay now lives in Yorkshire which she has made her permanent home. She is a keen club bridge player which takes her to play in different parts of England and Scotland. She now enjoys holidays mainly in Europe.

Published:15th July 2015
Paperback:208 pages
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