Pat Edwards

Front Cover Flux is a collection of poems and essays by Pat Edwards. They span love and loss, topical events and living life to the full, and do so with warmth, honesty and sometimes a hint of humour.
Pat's work has been published on-line in poetry blogs and websites such as Offa's Press and Not a Silent Poet.
Pat regularly attends open mic events in Welshpool, Wrexham, Chester, Aberystwyth and Much Wenlock. She has had drama scripts published by Lazy Bees.
Pat's first book, printed very much as a 'vanity project', was well-received:

The book won't make the holiday as it was read from cover to cover when I got home....I laughed and cried all in the same hour, fantastic writing
Been reading your essays, moved me to tears. Can certainly recognise many feelings and thoughts. Fantastic keep writing
Very poignant and clever - very moving

Published:15th July 2015
Paperback:145 pages
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Pat was born in Aberdeen, went to school in Poole, attended college in Eastbourne, and has lived in Mid Wales since 1979. She taught Physical Education for over thirteen years before training to be a work-based assessor and verifier. Pat then worked in and around Telford and Shrewsbury supporting people training to be Teaching Assistants and to work in Early Years Care. In 2013 Pat re-trained, gaining the LAMDA Diploma in Communication, Speech and Drama Education. She formed MASH-UP ARTS delivering workshops in drama, dance, singing and poetry. She continues to teach English and Drama in a number of local schools and to promote MASH-UP ARTS. Pat enjoys singing with Quindici, a small chamber choir which was formed in 2001, and enjoyed a long and happy association with Buttington Musical Theatre Company until her recent decision to make more time for her writing.


J. A. Humphrey - Intelligent and Moving Poems
This book, consisting mostly of poetry with some autobiographical essays at the end, is full of 'oh yes, it's exactly like that!' moments. Pat Edwards writes with a mixture of intelligence, emotion and humour that creates an immediate connection with the reader. She has clearly been through a great deal of personal trauma because of recent serious illness, but has transformed this into universal experience through the quality of her controlled and incisive writing. I came upon 'Flux' purely by chance, but it is a book to which I shall return again and again.