Gatsby’s spell at Trinity imagined by actor Ian Flintoff in the style of Scott Fitzgerald.
Ian Flintoff

Gatsby at Trinity Cover POD F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby is one of the most enduring novels of the twentieth century for two almost contradictory reasons. While being a precise and graphic depiction of the society which Fitzgerald himself relished and named ‘the Jazz Age’, its leading character is a person of ambiguity and uncertainty. It is reasonable to suppose that Fitzgerald meant this to be both a parable of the American Dream as well as a selfless love story. From the novel we know something of Gatsby’s past: his humble origins, his early experiences as Jimmy Gatz, that he was decorated in the Great War and also that he went to Trinity College, Oxford. These truths emerge despite the fantasies and fictions he also adopts. The time at Trinity College in Oxford would have been crucial for Jay Gatsby between his war time in France, his devotion to Daisy Fay, and his amassing of a huge fortune to secure her love.
Published:1st May 2015
Paperback:180 pages

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Gatsby at Trinity tells the story of his days in Oxford. It has been carefully researched from both historical archives and contemporary records, with all the evidences of Fitzgerald’s own novel fully taken into account. Ian Flintoff was a Modern Languages Scholar at Trinity College, Oxford, before becoming a professional actor, writer and director, and is a long-standing devotee of the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Readers' comments...

"The substance and nuance of your book continues to amaze me. Thanks so much for the scholarly effort you put into it.
I'm sure it's bound to be a classic."

"It's obviously been a tremendous labour of love for you, and displays loads of ingenuity and wit, for example your solution to the photographic mystery of the multitude of spires glimpsed through the chapel archway."