Poor Ronnie – A Tale from the Dales
Andrew Price

Poor Ronnie
A Tale From The Dales

There’s trouble brewing in the Yorkshire Dales when the natives of Richmondshire start behaving out of character. It just so happens that a local pub is trialling a new organic cider – and it’s going down a treat.
Cider should make people merry but this normally docile community of Yorkshire folk finds itself in the grip of paranoia, fear, and confusion. That’s when casual boozer, Lenny Plant, discovers that the disruption is down to something far more sinister than a glass or two of an apple beverage: lying dormant in the corner of his best friend’s garage there lurks a threat to humanity deadlier than a thousand nuclear wars. The cider is almost an innocent bystander.
Against his better nature, Lenny decides to take matters into his own hands, only to find himself up against the KGB, a psychotic war veteran and, perhaps worst of all - his affection for the cider.
Published: March 2020
Paperback: 330 pages
Price: £9.99
ISBN: 9-781913-425159

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Andrew Price was born ages ago in Saltburn by the Sea. He didn’t write for forty-nine years – much too young. Andrew allows that, although the British are useless at most things, sport in particular, their fluency in humour is without equal. His novels “Poor Enid” and “Poor Ronnie” are humble contributions to the cause – a manifestation of all that has inspired him. For every sentence is etched onto the hard drive with stubborn purpose, goaded by a duty of care, to celebrate, perpetuate, and create.

Roger Ordish, TV Producer and Director
Remarkable imagination. As a retired piss artist, I laughed most at the wonderful pub scenes.