Prayer Springs Eternal
Richard France

Published: April 2023
Paperback: 82 pages
Price: £8.00
ISBN: 9781915972002
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Prayer Springs Eternal
A Closer Look at the Communion of Saints
by Richard France

We have a wonderful community of saints and in these uncertain times it is encouraging to look back on it, to see what others have achieved and what we can achieve.

The journey of faith made by those who lived before us can inspire our own journey.

The wisdom of the saints is part of their legacy to us.

However, it is the treasures to be found in their prayers, their letters and their outlook on life which are of most value to us.

Many of their writings have been preserved for us; they are there for us to read today, so that we can make them our own.

Some of those writings are to be found here, in this book you are holding. Explore your faith!

Richard France is a committed Christian, a Third Order Carmelite, and a longstanding member of his parish, which he values highly.

He has also written books of Christian poetry.