Scouse Gothic 2
Ian McKinney

9781911175131 This is the second book in the Scouse Gothic series by Ian McKinney.

Sheryl wakes; why can’t she move? Where’s Lee? – Is he safe? Return to the bizarre world of Scouse Gothic where Melville mourns another lost love and searches for clues to her disappearance. Where Lathom decides to have a fresh start in Liverpool but finds his past waiting to haunt him and where Peter finds love but is having trouble with some ‘psycho’ mice. Meanwhile Frank finds that being a pigeon can have its drawbacks. But, two questions remain to be answered: who is the man in black? - And is blood really thicker than water?

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Published:1st March 2016
Paperback:218 pages

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Reader Reviews...

Amazon Review: Maz
I really enjoyed Scouse Gothic 2, even more than Scouse Gothic 1 which I loved ... Ian McKinney has certainly found a niche combining humorous fiction, intelligent plots and interesting history all set against the backdrop of Liverpool, the place and especially the people. It is a real page-turner.