Secrets from the Red Phone Box
Philomena Plunkett

Have you ever had unfettered access to people’s private conversations and lives!!
Here is your chance to enjoy fun and light-hearted good humour.
After years of listening to private unedited conversations from people from all walks of life the ‘Spirit’ of the Red Phone Box has a kaleidoscope of stories to tell. It has provided a red cloak of privacy, a safe space for humans to come and communicate with others, often letting their guard down and revealing a bit extra in the privacy of the Red Phone Box. My motto was always “what is said in my box stays in my box” That was up until 2020.
Finally with no holding back the Red Phone Box is spilling the beans to allow you into its world and the private world of its customers over the years.
The stories from telephone conversations that I was given unrestricted access to are amusing, happy, sad, and full of hope.
If you think the level of intrigue is reduced when I am reincarnated as a library, think again.
Published: Dec 2020
Paperback: 67 pages
Price: £5.99
ISBN: 9-781913-425586

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The library lends itself to a shadier side of the human nature, when we think no one is observing we can truly be ourselves and misbehave a little.

Philomena Plunkett was born and brought up in Dublin before embarking on the wider adventures of life. She took a psychology degree at Liverpool University and has roamed the world finally settling in England. She is a practicing psychotherapist, keen photographer, and avid observer of life.