Still Love Left
Michael Jackson

Still Love Left will help readers embrace old age in ways that strengthen their faith and help them build a deep sense of hope in later life.

In this life-afirming work, Michael Jackson draws inspiration from poets, writers and Christian theologians in order to explore his theme of ageing and spirituality and he does this with great empathy, drawing on a wide range of literary sources and comparing perspectives of past, present and future.

By using these different lenses he is able to demonstrate the spiritual gains which help us to approach old age positively and how we can develop the qualities which most exemplify a fulfilled old age. He melds many years’ experience of working with older people with current thinking on the subject, providing an exploration of the spiritual dimension of ageing rooted in the Christian faith.
Published: March 2021
Paperback: 155 pages
Price: £9.99
ISBN: 9-781913-425685

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The Right Reverend Paul Bayes, Bishop of Liverpool
Michael Jackson brings a unique and distilled wisdom, born of long reflection on rich experience, to this subject. His book is clear-eyed, honest, unsparing and luminously hopeful. I recommend it highly to any who want to learn how to live more fully as the years pass.


The Reverend Canon Dr. Peter Lippiett, Former Spirituality Advisor for the Diocese of Portsmouth
This is a stunningly good book. It is rich, humane, and life-enhancing, redolent with wisdom, compassion and flashes of humour. It demonstrates how to ‘hone hard experience so that it becomes a pathway to wisdom’. Above all, in the face of contemporary views of the bleakness of old age – unflinchingly addressed, in no way dismissed or romanticised – it really positively encourages hope. Michael Jackson not only informs and stimulates, but benefits his readers. This careful, timely book is a blessing. Perhaps it may even become a classic.

Graham Hawley in Plus, the quarterly magazine of the charity Christians on Ageing:
The author has produced a very readable book full of practical wisdom from his keen observation of older people and how the ageing process affects older people and their faith over the years. He draws widely from theological, spiritual, ageing literature and literary sources in illustrating his message, but this is always in a very readable and practical format….
The Bishop of Leeds (The Rt. Revd. Nicholas Baines), in his Foreword to the book, says of the author’s work: ‘He challenges some of the popular misconceptions and looks differently at what many of us will one day experience for ourselves. And he does this with a generous and uncomplicated spirit. It is a beautiful book.’
I agree with him and commend it to our members. Buy it and be encouraged and challenged.

Debbie Thrower, Pioneer of Anna Chaplaincy for Older People and Canon Emeritus of Winchester Cathedral
I’ve been waiting for just such a book as this. I knew it was coming because I’ve worked with Michael Jackson co-leading retreats and training days on the opportunities and challenges of growing old. Now, we have an abundance of good things gathered for us to read and reflect on. I shall plunder his book shamelessly for so many examples to help myself, and others, regard ageing realistically and excitedly as an adventuresome path to maturity.

Andy Stoller, Hampshire and Islands AM
'The Friend', National Quaker Magazine

This 100-page book is an essential for our ageing Society. It will be an invaluable asset to our elders and ‘caring and supportive Friends’ or just anyone who is approaching later life with some trepidation. It changed my view from fearing the coming years to one of being positive, hopeful and still being able to make the most of the on-coming stages of life, facing whatever it may bring. It is in no way a heavy read despite its subject which is approached with empathy, humour, compassion and wisdom.

Still Love Left helps us come to terms with facing our own lives and personal history. The myriad of losses and ‘little deaths’ are explicitly covered, from having to down-size and part with familiar possessions to the loss of our individual identity and the inevitable and painful bereavements of friends and loved ones. Facing declining health is challenging too, but Michael demonstrates how small gestures and acts of kindness can bring comfort, blessing and solace and through these and prayer it is possible to come closer to God.