A Warwickshire Gospel
Malcolm Monkhouse

A Warwickshire Gospel
Malcolm Monkhouse

MILLIONS OF WORDS and thousands of books have been written about Jesus of Nazareth. Most of his life story took place 2,000 years ago in Galilee, a rural province north of Jerusalem, rural but on the main trade route from Egypt to the whole Middle East.

Galilee was looked down upon by the political and religious establishment in Jerusalem who enjoyed a comfortable modus vivendi with the occupying Romans. The culture and setup were very different from Britain today, which is one reason why many cannot see the point of reading about Jesus.

Suppose now that what Jesus did and said in the Gospel story of Mark takes place instead in England today in a rural provincial county, Warwickshire, and culminates in the centre of power, in London.

Who would the main characters be and how would their words and deeds convey afresh the meaning of the life of Josh - his real name - for our troubled world? Read on....
Published: May 2020
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Malcolm was born and lived in Altrincham, Cheshire until he moved for family reasons to rural Warwickshire in 2000. He graduated in P. and E. at Durham and worked in manufacturing, travelling extensively in Europe and North America. He has worked many years as a church warden, having met Christ at the age of fourteen in Germany, which he visited many times for reconciliation. This is also a distinguishing feature of Coventry’s peace making mission to the world.

He believes that the gospel stories, not ‘isms’, provide the best guide we have for life here and hereafter.