220 Rides
Simon Fisher

Published: Jan 2024
Paperback: 130 pages
Price: £8.99
ISBN: 9781915972194
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220 Rides
by Simon Fisher

It’s June 1970. With just a backpack, some dollars and plenty of optimism, a hitchhiker sets off to discover America. This is what happened along the way, told in his own words.

From New England to California, from Vancouver to the Everglades, 220 drivers stopped to pick up the lone Brit. Most were friendly, some were incredibly generous, a few were hostile.

The United States was at war in Vietnam, Richard Nixon was a year into his presidency, and Woodstock was influencing a generation. The National Guard stood in the way of antiwar protesters. The drama of Apollo 13 had unfolded two months earlier and £1 bought $2.40.

It was a classic time to explore the country, the culture and the people. Join our hitchhiker walking down the Grand Canyon, dodging bears and sheriffs out west, gate-crashing a Republican fundraiser, checking out ‘Beautiful Downtown Burbank’ and doing what hitchhikers always do – enjoying whatever is around the next corner.

Anyone who has hitchhiked anywhere will enjoy this book.