A Walsall lad hits the wrong side of the tracks
Steve Grainger

Step into a decade where political correctness was frowned upon, when parental guidance was almost non-existent, where Social Media only existed in the mind of an incarcerated lunatic and where 18” wide flares were considered the height of fashion.
Welcome to the 1970’s.
Join Steve on his fascinating journey during a time where his taste for adventure and mischief were allowed to flourish – and very often, allowed to grow totally out of control.
From working on a fairground at the age of 11, to following his beloved Man United around the country by the age of 14 ­– this is an eye-opening exposé of a young man who stumbled in and out of court during his teenage years.
Set amidst the backdrop of the miner’s strike, the fall of a government,dubious glamour, charming innocence and a touch of brutality – take a step back into a time when colour TV was considered new technology, where many a fashion crime was committed and when violence on the football terraces was considered a national past time.
Published: June 2018
Paperback: 322 pages
Price: £11,99
ISBN: 9-781912-419388

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Born in 1960 in Kingstanding, Birmingham (in the same council house, his mom was born in) Steve was the second oldest of five children and he was up to mischief from the day he started to walk. His dad was a self-employed builder and his mom did out-work for local factories and did various cleaning jobs. It was hard going in the mid 60’s and during the summer holidays and aged only six, Steve would be given a jam sandwich by his mom and told not to come back until teatime. He would spend most of his days exploring with friends in the near by Sutton Park. Steve moved to Aldridge, Walsall in 1968. Prior to moving to Aldridge, for a full school year, come rain or shine Steve commuted very day (without his parents of course) from Birmingham to Aldridge on the famous Harpers buses. Always a bright and inquisitive child, Steve struggled with school work and to reflect attention away from his academic failures, he was happy to play the class clown. As a teenager Steve started to follow his beloved Manchester United, home and away and made several appearances in front of the magistrates. Still very much struggling to learn his ABC’s Steve officially left school at 15 and immediately got himself ‘A Local’ and a job in the building trade. Steve stayed in the building trade until he was 20, then he moved on to bigger and better things.
With Forwords by Man United Legend Norman Whiteside & star of stage & screen actress Shobna Gulati

NORMAN WHITESIDE - Manchester United & Northern Ireland Legend!

‘I have known Steve for several years mainly through his interest in football memorabilia and of course Man United. The late 1970’s always reminds me of my Doc Martens days and travelling from Belfast to Manchester every weekend to train with Man United schoolboys - great times. Mainly through humour and sometimes heartache, Steve has certainly captured the mood of a teenage boy growing up in the turbulent 1970’s. Anyone who was around in the 70’s will immediately identify with Steve’s book.
I just know the book is going to be a great hit and will sell like cup-final tickets’


‘Steve and I first met back in 2008 in very rowdy bar in Moscow. We were both in the Russian capital to see our beloved Manchester United win the Champions’ League. We have kept in touch ever since. Steve has been lucky enough to lead a very exciting and well-travelled life and whenever we meet up, Steve has always been wonderful company and has great stories to tell. I’m not the least bit surprised Steve has decided to put his experiences down on paper and I am in no doubt that Steve’s book will be a great success’

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