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Travels with a Dangerous Friend
Anthony Fitzgerald

Published: Feb 2024
Paperback: 158 pages
Price: £9.99
ISBN: 978-1-915972-17-0
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Travels with a Dangerous Friend
Searching the world for a message in the bottle
by Anthony Fitzgerald

Circumstances lead Anthony to emigrate to America aged eighteen. Working in lowly jobs in New York he falls in love with an older woman, moves to Chicago and lives in the African-American quarter of South Chicago.

In London he enters the advertising industry and then joins an expedition driving to Australia. In Australia, the ‘lucky country’, life teaches him drinking ‘Australia style’. Then he joins an Aussie and two Americans to drive through Africa.

Back in London, now an advertising copywriter, he earns reasonable money and unreasonable drinking habits. He fathers a child and, once again, moves on.

In Kenya he starts a company, gets married and has two children. He gets his hunting licence and goes on safaris. He travels extensively in East Africa enjoying the hedonistic lifestyle of the European in Africa. His wife parts from him and back in England he joins Time Magazine.

Time Magazine sends him back to South Africa with his new wife, and then to Holland and Scandinavia with a lifestyle of conspicuous entertainment. Although successful he becomes more dependent on alcohol. The low points are frequent and disaster looms. This is the story of his journey and final redemption.

Peter Stanley

Published: July 2023
Paperback: 158 pages
Price: £9.99
ISBN: 9781915972057

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A meditation on the art of well-being by “keeping it simple”
by Peter Stanley

Find the ultimate way to live your life - although don't follow this book exactly or you may end up in trouble.

Simply take from it what you need. Live your life as YOU want to, and in doing so, have loads of fun.

This memoir incorporates all the elements of well-being with adventure, humour and a desire to ensure the readers own well-being.

A deeply personal and inspiring account of the author’s life but ultimately, this is a powerful message about the importance of the need to mitigate suffering, whether on an individual or social level.

The author shares his own experiences of overcoming adversity, as well as thoughts on how we can all work together to create a more compassionate and equitable world.

A rip roaring read but with the accent on the relief of suffering and achieving the ultimate in well being - how? - with humour – and fill your soul with music and your heart with love!

Peter spends his life having fun, or at least trying to when not extricating himself from yet another situation caused by his incessant quest to remove suffering from people’s lives with his care for others.

Sometimes dubbed a rebel with a cause, he has worked as an accountant, salesman, serial entrepreneur and chaired a public company for a number of years.

Married to Mame, a lovely lady who died a short while ago, they have two children, two grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

This is his first book.

Reviews by Amazon Readers...

KISS is a memoir that combines personal stories, insights, and humor to share the author’s journey of finding well-being and happiness in life. Peter reflects on his experiences of overcoming challenges, discovering his passions, and helping others. He also offers practical advice on how to achieve well-being by following the KISS principle of simplicity in all endeavours.The book is a captivating and inspiring read that will make you laugh, cry, and think. It is full of wisdom and compassion, as well as anecdotes from the author’s life. The book also explores various topics related to well-being, such as breathing, meditation, yoga, music, love, spirituality, and social justice. The book is written in a conversational and engaging style, with a balance of humor, drama, and insight. The book is a must-read for anyone who wants to improve their well-being and happiness, as well as to learn more about the author’s fascinating life. It is a book that will touch your heart, mind, and soul, and inspire you to live a simple, meaningful, and fulfilling life. CGPT

There is something magic about your writing, I can't put my finger on it but it makes the reader feel that no matter how difficult and dark life is, it is still worth living. What you are saying has been said many times, but not in the special way you are saying it, which really reaches out to the reader and gives them hope and courage to carry on. You have a special gift, keep up the good work, I can't wait for your next book! - MH

You are talking directly to us, Your writing is spontaneous and heartfelt and comes across in a way we can relate to. Also you write from the heart, your spirit shines out from the pages of your book, it is what we all need these days. LDN

I feel I have touched base again and back to where I was before……..I feel I have been through years of madness, trying to find myself having lost my way……….so thank you Peter. ANON

Your book grips the imagination and is never boring, it really makes you think about so many things. I loved it. A beautiful memoir with such good advice. SS

Inspiring This is a wonderful book, both a memoir and a book about how to live in a more mindful way. Enjoyable and thought provoking, the book is full of stories to make you laugh and wisdom to make you think about what is really important. I keep your lovely book on the table and dip into it at random when I sit down for cups of tea during the day. It is my comfort blanket and calms me down when I feel my nervous tension rising. It is such a sane, thoughtful, kind book. SAL

I started your book yesterday and finished it at 5.00pm today – that’s how much I enjoyed it !! BD

Jo kept saying the book was "absolutely incredible", she had read it twice and was going to read it a third time. She said the book was like you climbed lots of mountains to get on to the next mountain and never complained about it at all, (she related the story of when your canoe got filled with coal). She said it was like you have been at the helm of your life, all your life and remained there, and "anyone with a spark of conscience would be moved/ affected by your book". Jo said she would recommend your book to everyone in the world! - JO

Reviews by readers...

Angela Mays - Social Scientist
“There is real warmth in this writing”

Fay Pedler - Physiotherapist
“This book is addictive”

Sarah Juckes, Jericho Writers
“I really enjoyed reading this”

Charmaine Despres
“I love every single word Peter”

Cleo Howe
“I agree with your thoughts on positive thinking, such a powerful healer”

Marcella Howard
“You write as if it is coming from the heart”

Gerald Eugen Marcuse, G2NM
David Fry

Published: July 2023
Paperback: 298 pages
Price: £16.00
ISBN: 9781915972125

Colour Edition
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Gerald Eugen Marcuse, G2NM
Pioneer of Radio
by David Fry, G4JSZ

Gerald Eugen Marcuse, a contemporary of Marconi, enjoyed similar fame during the early years of radio.

Marcuse’s amazing exploits in the 1920’s had earned him an international reputation as a radio experimenter and broadcaster but subsequently he became less wellknown.

In this superbly researched volume, Marcuse’s achievements are set out in detail, including numerous ‘firsts’, made through his brilliant understanding of the technology of the day and his perception of what was needed and what was to come.

First to contact South America, California, Australia & New Zealand by radio, he was instrumental in the foundation of formal ‘Ham’ Radio organisations, making contact with the Hamilton-Rice expedition and assisting both the Police and Ambulance services to set up mobile communications.

He shared his experience with other ‘Hams’ by giving advice and sending them vital components.

Marcuse was issued with a licence to broadcast entertainment from his home in Caterham. He battled with the legal authorities, especially the inertia of the Post Office (the legal body responsible for issuing amateur radio licences) and the BBC which hadn’t accepted the best operating frequencies that should have been used to broadcast overseas successfully.

A household name in the 1920’s but now almost unknown.

A remarkable career but with no official recognition.

After graduating from High School in Toronto, Canada in 1966, David was licenced G8CDQ in 1967 then G4JSZ in 1968.

He was appointed Technical Assistant at the BBC Engineering Department in 1968 at Evesham, Skelton (World Service Transmitters) & Droitwich.

David graduated in 1973 to teach Maths & IT at Droitwich High School. Here he established a vibrant radio club, coaching several students through the Radio Amateur’s exam and is still in contact with some of them.

He was appointed Head of IT at Shrewsbury Girl’s High from 1990-2006 then left to build a successful picture framing business.

David’s first book was based on a diary that Marcuse kept as an engineering student in Einbeck, Germany in 1903.

Smoking Red
Wyndham Ward

Wyndham Ward spent fifty-eight years in aviation: twenty-three years in the RAF and thirty-five years in civil flying. From Boy Mechanic he progressed to fighter pilot on the famous Hawker Hunter, flew low-level high-speed Buccaneers with the RAF, and with the Fleet Air Arm from HMS Ark Royal he was selected for the Red Arrows Aerobatic Team of 1979, a team that was unique in flying the last of the Gnats and the first Hawks.

Published: Jan 2023
Paperback: 316 pages
Price: £14.99
ISBN: 9781914424588
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Smoking Red
by Wyndham Ward
The Red Arrows and more - a life on the wing

A life-long lover of aeroplanes, Wyndham Ward spent fifty-eight years in aviation: twenty-three years in the RAF and thirty-five years in civil flying. From Boy Mechanic he progressed to fighter pilot on the famous Hawker Hunter, flew low-level high-speed Buccaneers with the RAF, and with the Fleet Air Arm from HMS Ark Royal he was selected for the Red Arrows Aerobatic Team of 1979, a team that was unique in flying the last of the Gnats and the first Hawks.

This involved an extended tour of duty with the team displaying the Hawk internationally and mixing with celebrities of many types.

After a wonderful five years with the Red Arrows, Wyndham took to civilian aviation and joined Cathay Pacific, flying the Pacific Rim on B747’s and long range Airbus A340’s out of Hong Kong airport.

An invitation to join Oman Royal Flight followed and as a Royal Flight Captain he flew the Sultan, VVIP’s and Heads of State in his B747 SP’s.

Casting aside the glitz of royalty, he took up an appointment with Airbus Toulouse training pilots and this led to training business-jet pilots with CAE a world-wide Canadian training company and manufacturer of the latest synthetic flight simulators.

Now retired from UK CAA and US FAA qualified posts, he lives in rural Mid-Wales and taken to writing to encourage young men and women to fly whatever their circumstances and to enjoy aviation as much as he has.

Front cover photograph by Claire Hartley

From Little Acorns – An Autobiography by Graeme Whiting
Graeme Whiting

Published: Dec 2022
Paperback: 252 pages
Price: £12.00
ISBN: 9781914424694
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From Little Acorns:
A Story of Courage and Inspiration
An Autobiography by Graeme Whiting

The main thing about Graeme is this: his energy. More specifically, it’s a special kind of energy that acts as a catalyst on others. We all have great potential within us, but the difficult thing is activating it. Some people have the gift of providing the necessary spark to others – and this is at the heart of education, as something quite distinct from imparting information, and ultimately more important. Graeme is one of the rare people with that special gift. Jeremy Wade (ex-pupil, angler, biologist, TV presenter)

Graeme Whiting’s childhood was spent in poverty. He faced hardship and later, tragedy, but came through these challenges with the courage and enthusiasm to develop a remarkable career in education based on his passion for nurturing the individual abilities and unique potential of each student.

Graeme was initially a physical training instructor in the army and then taught in public schools where a key mentor helped him adapt and refine his degree-level training skills to teach children. A move to the Steiner system opened his eyes to a profoundly different approach to education, which along with Graeme's rich life experience – including his love of fishing, gymnastics, water sports and all manner of fun and adventure – became the foundation for his distinctively wholesome way of educating young people.

In 1991 Graeme was able to fulfil a lifelong vision of how schooling with heart and kindness can help children flourish. Together with his wife, Sarah, he took a leap of faith and created his own school – The Acorn School – now a highly original cutting-edge independent school in the Cotswolds.

After thirty years of Acorn, Graeme has written this book as an encouragement to us all to follow our hearts and take the path less travelled, no matter how humble our background.

The Ghosts of April – The life and times of the ugliest man in rock
Dave Russell

Published: Jan 2023
Paperback: 272 pages
Price: £9.99
ISBN: 9781914424830
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The Ghosts of April
The life and times of the ugliest man in rock
living the dream isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be
by Dave Russell

As a teenager, Dave Russell discovered the joy of listening to rock music and watching live bands, an escape from his working class roots and strict upbringing. While pounding the streets of London as a telegram boy, he had the ambition to make music, but he could never have foreseen rubbing shoulders with real-life heroes or appearing on television and national radio as the singer in a band of complete unknowns. From performing in front of axe-wielding maniacs to interrupting a couple in flagrante delicto, this book is a journey of discovery – the real life of an aspiring musician, including redundancy, eviction, relationship break-ups and too many goodbyes.

Such a musician does not have the luxury of this book being reviewed by the national press or book clubs, but here are some comments by real people:

“Not bad for an ex-scaffolder,” my mate Glenn.

“You never told me you was in a band,” my milkman. “Is that your shed on the front cover?” my neighbour Clive.

Where Will I Be? – In Search of Sokolov
Barbara Truman

Published: Jan 2023
Paperback: 314 pages
Price: £12.99
ISBN: 9781914424809
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Where Will I Be? - In Search of Sokolov
by Barbara Truman

The story of how one particular piano recital changed the course of the author’s life and inspired her to overcome her fear of flying and to travel to more than twenty European countries over a period of twenty-three years to listen to one very special pianist.

It describes not only the fascinating places she visited, the people she met, the friendships she cultivated, the comical and at times far less amusing things that happened to her, the kindnesses and the catastrophes, but also her impressions of the performances she attended, the diversity of venues in which those performances took place and the vagaries of audience behaviour.

It’s the story of someone approaching late middle age whose life suddenly turned into an amazing adventure, told with candour and humour.

Barbara Truman lives in Birmingham, the city of her birth, although she has lived in other parts of the country and for a while in Australia. In recent years her leisure time has been largely devoted to travelling around Europe and listening to music.

In March 2020 at the start of the pandemic she retired from a sixty-year secretarial career during which she worked in the fields of commerce, accountancy and the law. With time on her hands she decided it was the ideal moment to start writing this book.

The Greatest – The Times and Life of Beryl Burton
William Fotheringham

Beryl Burton overtakes Mike McNamara to clinch victory in the 12-hour race at Otley, Yorkshire. When she finishes the marathon event after 277 miles, Burton has beaten Britain’s leading male time triallist and achieved something unheard of: she has taken a men’s endurance record outright. The moment enters cycling folklore because of Burton's gesture as she overhauls ‘Mac’: unsure what to do or say, she offers him a liquorice allsort from her pocket.

Burton was a seven-times world champion and multiple national champion, and this was the greatest feat in her 30-year career. The Otley ‘12’ should have been a groundbreaking moment in women’s sport, but along with the rest of Burton’s achievements, it has slipped into relative obscurity.

This new biography from best-selling writer William Fotheringham tells Burton’s story in full for the first time, from the brutal illness that left her bedridden as a teenager to her quarter century at the top of women’s cycling in the UK, and her premature death in 1996.
Published: Sept 2019
Hardback: 314 pages
Price: £20.00
ISBN: 9-781912-419531

Available from

William Fotheringham is the No.1 best-selling author of Merckx: Half-Man, Half-Bike. He writes for the Guardian on cycling and is the critically acclaimed author of Sunday in Hell, Fallen Angel, Roule Britannia and Put Me Back on My Bike, hailed by Vélo magazine as ‘the best cycling biography ever’.

A racing cyclist and launch editor of Procycling magazine, he has reported on almost 30 Tours de France, four Olympic Games and the Rugby World Cup.