Tales of a Leicestershire Detective
Simon Shuttleworth

Tales of a Leicestershire Detective
Simon Shuttleworth was a police officer in Leicestershire for thirty years. He investigated some of the most appalling crimes ever seen in the East Midlands. These included the grooming, rape and murder of fifteen-year-old Kayleigh Haywood, the horrific firebombing of an innocent family and the despicable fatal attack on a beloved Turkish family man in his flat in Leicester.
But even detectives engaged in the most serious cases need downtime and relaxation. In Simon’s case, this meant organising the annual police golf trip. That would be all very well for a good golfer but Simon, by his own admission, was no Nick Faldo.
Golf can be relaxing, frustrating, annoying and fun all at the same time but on those trips, playing golf was only half the story.
Published: July 2021
Paperback: 205 pages
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ISBN: 9-781914-424120

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Prince Charles, Leeds United, naked dancing, rancid chickens, broken windows, sleepwalking room-mates, a golf-course bugler, unrequited love, toilet-roll fires and Roy Chubby Brown don’t cover half the near-the-knuckle adventures of those cops on tour.
But the golf was just an escape from what really mattered: murder investigation.
Bringing to justice people prepared to commit the most heinous crime of all, people who thought they could, literally, get away with murder - that was something worth fighting for.

18.07.2021 - ★★★★★ A well written book with just the right blend of humour and sensitivity.
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Simon expertly conveys how murder detectives deal with horrific cases and then find distraction in that noble leisure pursuit that can be found on a golf course - plus the consumption of quantities of alcohol and plenty of funny antics along the way. He gives insight to some key investigations and the many people affected by a murder - and also introduces us to some of the varied 'characters' who are murder detectives. A well written book with just the right blend of humour and sensitivity.

24.07.2021 - ★★★★★ A varied read- funny and interesting.
Sophie Ferguson
A great book to read from many varied angles-interesting and funny. Some parts are thought provoking when you read about the impact of crime on not only the victim and their families but also in the families of police officers! There are also plenty of light hearted sections and insight into the actual world behind the public view of policing.

Memoir of a Bluebell Girl
Jane Hoggar

At the age of twelve, Jane had to abandon her dreams of becoming a ballerina. Measuring six-feet tall with size nine feet, she reluctantly gave her tutu way, instead, sewing herself a sequinned boob tube and turning her ambitions to Top of the Pops, Pans People and the exciting world of cabaret.

Demonstrating a natural ability to stay calm in a crisis, Jane breezes through the most challenging of situations on a variety of exotic work engagements. Encouraging us to see the world through her rose-tinted spectacles, she navigates her way around compelling dramas and romantic liaisons that keep us on the edge of our seats.

Treating us to a fascinating window on the world of show business, Jane describes her exciting travels around the globe during the 80’s that eventually lead her to the remarkable Margaret Kelly, better known as Miss Bluebell of Le Lido de Paris.

“You certainly perused the box of chocolates before you decided which one you wanted didn’t you dear?” Jane’s husband commented after reading Bluebell Girl, referring to the multitude of boyfriends in the story.

“Absolutely!” she declared, “I discarded the soft centres, complicated chewy ones and eventually chose the solid, reliable, hard nut!”

Published: June 2021
Paperback: 454 pages
Price: £16.99
ISBN: 978-1-913425-97-5

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Jane trained at theatre school during the 80’s and then took off around the world, devising ways and means of finding employment on and off stage. Jane’s work placements have been varied to say the least, from Can-Can dancer to dinner lady, in places as diverse as Ipswich and Tokyo. Her enthusiasm knows no bounds when there is a challenge to cope with, demonstrated perfectly in her previous book, Chemo Summer, where covering a serious topic she still manages to treat us to the full force of her witty approach to difficult personal circumstances. Jane lives in Suffolk with her husband.

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The Road to Kill the Bill
Joseph Boyd

Standing up for our rights to protest
This landmark book tells the story of Joe Boyd, a working-class, recovering addict from Liverpool who joins the frontlines of environmental anti-fracking protests across Northern England.
With suspicions rising about police infiltration in the movement and gaslighting from those positioning themselves as leaders, Joe questions everything and researches endlessly in a bid to make sense of what he – and others – experience. What he starts to witness is a war on rights to protest.
Joe then turns to defending our human rights, which eventually leads him to taking on the fight and defeating the years; he goes from near death to the Court of Appeal, London.
However, Joe knows that’s not the end of the regressive road to protest denial. He continues to monitor the actions of a new group Extinction Rebellion and sees a similar pattern.
The Road to Kill the Bill will make you question everything you thought was true and face the rising fascism we now witness where our rights to protest are hanging by a thread. A real and present story with lasting implications of one man taking on the state.
Published: June 2021
Paperback: 217 pages
Price: £9.99
ISBN: 9-781914-424113

Publication date: 10th June
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Joseph Boyd is a recently graduated Public Health (addictions) masters graduate from Liverpool John Moores University. For many years he has been involved in all aspects of environmental activism, learning about protest movements, energy policy and protest law. This knowledge and experience led him to the Royal Courts of Justice in London to defend rights to protest in a landmark ruling. He also has an International Studies degree from the Open University and received the Healthy Living Award at the Liverpool Echo Environment Awards.

28.6.2019 - ★★★★★ Compelling read
A well written account of Joe's experiences as an environmental activist with the anti fracking movement, how those experiences and intelligence collected by the police and intelligence services have led to the recent implementation of the Police and Crime Bill.

Smaller Knickers for Life
Karen Goold & Debbie Lake

Master your mind, Master the Food Fantasy

It doesn’t have to be difficult to have SmallerKnickers™ for life
– unless of course we’re totally convinced it will be!

This book provides simple-to-implement techniques, each one a small jigsaw-puzzle piece towards successful healthy-eating behaviour, for life.

This is for you, the whole you. You have the power to align your mind and body to gain a healthier lifestyle. You can reach your health and fitness goals, challenge your own limitations and overcome negativity, frustration and the dreaded yo-yo dieting.

“This is the book you’ve been waiting for. Its time is now.”
“Now I know more about why I do these things, and how I sabotage my success. And most importantly, what I can do about it.”

Published: May 2021
Paperback: 272 pages
Price: £15.00
ISBN: 978-1-913425-85-2

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Both Karen and Debbie are coaches in their fields of expertise and are passionate about sharing knowledge and seeing success in others. Karen Goold is an Executive Coach, and has worked in leadership, consultancy and coaching roles across a number of industries. Karen uses her interest in neuroscience to develop clients’ self-awareness and understanding of behaviour, biases and strengths. Debbie Lake has had senior client relationship roles in companies in the transport and financial services industries. Debbie has more recently built her Pilates, Fitness, GP Referrals and Reiki business working with individuals to improve their fitness, functional movement patterns and spiritual growth.
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Dr David Jolly MBChB, MRCGP, Bsc (Hons)
This is a really good, common-sense book, to help people gain a healthier lifestyle.

Alternative Film Posters A-Z
Jeremy Arblaster

Alternative Film Posters


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Compiled by Jeremy Arblaster

Edited by Blaise Radley

Publication Date: 15th Feb 2021
Hardback: 150 Full Colour pages
ISBN: 978-1-913425-81-4

150 pages of Alternative Film Posters,

arranged alphabetically in a chic, A4 coffee-table style book.

Featuring artwork from more than fifty artists from across the world,

along with contributions from several young up-and-coming film critics.

A great gift for cinema lovers - by cinema lovers.

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A collection of drawings and paintings produced over the last five years
Sam Branton – Three Seasons

Three Seasons by Sam Branton
Three Seasons is a collection of drawings and paintings produced over the last five years based on the same underlying theme but divided into three distinct styles.
The underlying theme is a presentation of animals in unlikely settings or improbable pairings which results in a sometimes surreal and sometimes humerous impression on the viewer. Some of the images include references to animals in classical paintings but an essential feature of my work is to present animals in a playful rather than hostile setting.
The first season, Deluge, is a collection of tranquil monochrome drawings using red pencil. Most of these are drawn to a small scale and they are printed in the book at actual size. The drawings are set in neo-classical landscapes and they never quite tell the entire story, but should instead be considered as a frame or still image from a bigger story to be imagined or created by the viewer.
Published:Jan 2021
Hardback:140 pages
Size:265 x 265 mm

£30.00 (+ £3.50 postage)
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Season two, Holy Ground, is a collection of small oil paintings, building on the theme of animals in neo-classical landscapes and partial story telling but now introducing an extra element of mystery in some of the paintings by only showing a fragment of an entire painting. This was influenced by seeing remnants of images found in ancient remains in Greece and Italy which create a puzzle for historians to reimagine the complete original picture and the story being depicted.
Season three, Luciferase, builds on the Deluge theme, but now uses black pencil drawings to present the animals in a night-time setting using curious natural light sources to provide illumination. The monochrome images and lighting are sometimes used to create the illusion that the drawings represents a sculpture rather than living animals.
The endpapers in this book are taken from the triptych, Roses Within.

A series of still life photographs using a technique known as Painting With Light.
Paul Knight

Paul Knight

My first passion as a teenager was photographing the parks of central London at dusk when most people had left for the day.
I then discovered the Lake District through a friend and together we toured the Lakes with our 5x4 and medium format cameras; this quickly became the course I would follow.
After living in Windermere over a period of two years I found my new direction in the Ancient sites of this country, and Egypt as well as producing pictures for album and book covers. However, when I was asked to submit some images to illustrate an album of Schumann’s Dichterliebe, I read the poems from Lyrisches Intermezzo and I realised that landscapes were not going to represent how I felt about the piece.
Published:December 2020
Hardback:110 pages
Size:265 x 265 mm

£25.00 (+ £3.50 postage)
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I decided to move away from landscape photography and instead create a collection that captured the essence of nature and the spirit of mystery. This requires control of every element within the image, creating new dynamics and relationships of the usually familiar.
This series of still life photographs use a technique known as Painting With Light.
It involves long camera exposures and a moving light source to create a soft painterly quality which is reminiscent of the paintings from the Dutch Golden Age of Art and can be seen in still life studies, landscapes and portraiture of that period.

The Greatest – The Times and Life of Beryl Burton
William Fotheringham

Beryl Burton overtakes Mike McNamara to clinch victory in the 12-hour race at Otley, Yorkshire. When she finishes the marathon event after 277 miles, Burton has beaten Britain’s leading male time triallist and achieved something unheard of: she has taken a men’s endurance record outright. The moment enters cycling folklore because of Burton's gesture as she overhauls ‘Mac’: unsure what to do or say, she offers him a liquorice allsort from her pocket.

Burton was a seven-times world champion and multiple national champion, and this was the greatest feat in her 30-year career. The Otley ‘12’ should have been a groundbreaking moment in women’s sport, but along with the rest of Burton’s achievements, it has slipped into relative obscurity.

This new biography from best-selling writer William Fotheringham tells Burton’s story in full for the first time, from the brutal illness that left her bedridden as a teenager to her quarter century at the top of women’s cycling in the UK, and her premature death in 1996.
Published: Sept 2019
Hardback: 314 pages
Price: £20.00
ISBN: 9-781912-419531

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William Fotheringham is the No.1 best-selling author of Merckx: Half-Man, Half-Bike. He writes for the Guardian on cycling and is the critically acclaimed author of Sunday in Hell, Fallen Angel, Roule Britannia and Put Me Back on My Bike, hailed by Vélo magazine as ‘the best cycling biography ever’.

A racing cyclist and launch editor of Procycling magazine, he has reported on almost 30 Tours de France, four Olympic Games and the Rugby World Cup.