The Secret, the Sword and the Seal
Fran Norton

On a bleak November day in the year of Our Lord, 1307, Eve de Clavering rode away from the Staffordshire Castle of Heleigh into an uncertain future. Wracked by grief at losing her young husband, Thomas de Audley, Eve carries a guilty secret, one which will affect the rest of her life. When she arrives back in Essex, the home of her dominating father, Sir John de Clavering, Eve discovers her future has already been decided. No time for grief, Eve reluctantly meets Sir Thomas de Ufford, the second son of a kinsman to the Earl of Suffolk. Infuriated by her father's insensitive behaviour, it sparks a rift between father and daughter which will never be resolved. However, against all odds, Eve discovers an ally in her second husband but will the chance of happiness be overshadowed by her secret? Meantime, Thomas introduces her to court life where she meets the powerful and colourful characters surrounding the Edward II and his queen Isabella of France, but Eve hates the hypocrisy and underlying tensions. In 1314, Thomas joins the knights and earls of the king to face the Scots at the fateful Battle of Bannockburn where the English suffer an ignominious defeat and where the king even loses the Great Seal of State.
Published:September 2020
Paperback:227 pages

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Once again Eve finds herself a widow but this time, she has three young sons to protect. A proposal of marriage from James de Audley throws her into a quandary, beset by guilt, Eve refuses. How will she overcome her emotions and will she now seize the chance to marry her girlhood love? When her brother-in-law, Hugh de Audley escapes from Nottingham Castle, Eve finds herself in danger as the king's treacherous favourite, Hugh Despenser the Younger, sends troops to search her home at Stratton. Set against the dysfunctional reign of Edward II, Eve's destiny unfolds against a backdrop of civil wars, through a time of desperate poverty and the unending struggle with the Scots, in a period of history which is filled with treachery, intrigue, and controversy. Come, let us accompany Eve through the years of her eventful life; meet the four men who play a intrinsic role in her destiny and watch, as the terrible fate of a king's favourites unfolds. These are the years of 'The Secret, the Sword and the Seal'.

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The Twisted Legacy of Maud de Braose

Isolde, Lady de Audley: The Mortimer Myth

The Secret, The Sword and the Seal

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Joanne McShane

Joanne McShane

Lillias Hepburn’s life spanned ninety-six years from 1817 until 1913. It was a full life with more than its fair share of ups and downs. But there is more to Lillias’s story than simply the details of her own life, for her very existence was due to a strange combination of events. The only clue to these events was contained in a preamble which her father, Robert Hepburn, wrote to his will.

The Preamble to the will of Captain Robert Hepburn RN (1782-1866)
This is the last Will and Testament of me Robert Hepburn of Roy’s Hill in the District of Fingal in Tasmania Esquire (Lineal descendant by my father Captain Hepburn of the family of Hepburn of Keith East Lothian Scotland, and by my mother Mary Ann Roy, great grandson of Rob Roy McGregor, and by my grandmother Isabella Princess of Diabenti, daughter of the King of the Koromantic Nation of the Gold Coast of Africa I am Prince of Diabenti Lineal descendant of the King of that nation in Africa.)

Published: Sept 2020
Paperback: 240 pages
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ISBN: 9-781913-425456

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For the historical details of Lillias’s life and the lives of the other people featured in the story I have used information available online and in historical documents. The rest is conjecture. It is a story, not a historical document.


The Mortimer Affair – Joan de Joinville’s Story
Alice Mitchell

Joan de Joinville is favoured by fortune when she inherits her grandfather’s lands instead of being sent to a nunnery. But then her marriage is arranged to Roger Mortimer, the young son of a powerful Marcher family. Her marriage turns into a love match nevertheless and she will bear him twelve children.
Roger becomes experienced in warfare and is valuable to the young King Edward II and his notorious favourite Piers Gaveston. But when Piers is unexpectedly murdered, the King adopts a new favourite - Hugh Despenser the Younger - and he is Roger’s sworn enemy. Roger leads an unsuccessful rebellion against the King and is imprisoned in the Tower. This means Joan is also imprisoned and suffers great hardships. So begins her journal.
When she learns of Roger’s escape from the Tower, and his subsequent return to England at the head of a conquering Army, she believes her troubles will be over. Yet they are only just beginning as she watches her husband’s descent into avarice and cruelty.
Published: Aug 2020
Extent: 364 pages
Paperback: £12.99
ISBN: 9-781913-425241

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He belongs to Queen Isabella now and rules for her, through her underage son. Joan must find the strength to endure dreadful humiliation for the sake of her family. Finally, history will condemn her husband for regicide - Only Joan knows the truth.

Alice Mitchell won a Betty Trask award in 1985 with her first novel, Instead of Eden, which was published by WH Allen in 1986.
For most of her working life, she has been a medical practitioner but is now retired and has returned to writing. After many years living in Merseyside and North Wales, she has moved back to Keighley in West Yorkshire where she was born.
Reader Reviews...

Giles Mercer, reader
I greatly enjoyed it, a remarkably good historical novel. I admired many things about it, such as the ease with which you kept the pace moving along well and kept a large cast of characters and wide range of places within a clear framework; not easy. It was an inspired idea to look at events and relationships through the eyes of Joan de Joinville. Thank you for all that, and for re-igniting my interest in that period.

Joan Bartholomew. Retired English Lecturer , University of Chester.
I have read the book. I am amazed at how the author managed to keep such a large number of characters in mind. I particularly enjoyed the marriage and fading away of the relationship. It was totally believable. Forensic detail. What a woman, and such cruel treatment. It was a marvellous book.

The Moonlight Sonata – Part 2 of the Beethoven Trilogy
Tess Alps

The Moonlight Sonata
Book Two of the Beethoven Trilogy

Cathy Fitzgerald, the longed-for daughter of Hannah and John, enjoys a charmed childhood in Rowanbridge until the harsh realities of life in 1930s Ireland bring the idyll to a shocking end. Cathy’s life changes forever.
Escaping all the demons lurking in her home village and armed with everything her parents have taught her, she finds a new home in Dublin before moving on to England to train as a nurse just as the Second World War is looming. The world needs her kindness, intelligence and industry more than ever and Cathy has more than enough love to heal every wounded soul.
But finding long-lasting love in return proves elusive until Cathy returns to Connemara, where her father had taken her as a child and where she had been so happy by the sea, skimming stones, in the shadow of the dreaded Letterfrack Industrial school.
Eventually, Cathy is drawn back to her family in Rowanbridge where the many secrets that have lain buried so long - and have shaped her family so profoundly - begin to emerge.

By the author of The Harp Quartet.
Published: August 2020
Paperback: 256 pages
Price: £9.99
ISBN: 9-781913-425388

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Tess Alps has written all her adult life from educational plays from her time in theatre-in-education to regular columns on advertising for The Guardian.
She read English at Durham and her long career in advertising has required many forms of writing. This is her second published novel.
Inspired by a photograph of her grandmother at a finishing school in Dublin and using snippets of memories from her mother Kay, The Moonlight Sonata is the second of three novels about Hannah McDermott and her family.
The first, The Harp Quintet, was published in April 2020 and the final part, The Pastoral Symphony, appearing in 2021, all being well.
It is fitting that this ‘Beethoven trilogy’ is making its first appearance in the 250th anniversary year of Beethoven’s birth.
Tess lives in the Chilterns with her husband; she edits the village magazine and is an avid gardener, competing fiercely in the village garden club shows.

Judi Rose & Dr Jackie Rose – Inspired by Evelyn Rose

Hardback - 304 full-colour pages
Published Summer 2020

This gorgeous book is packed with brilliant food photographs and advice on how to follow a healthy Mediterranean-style diet, lose weight and keep it off.

Judi Rose, daughter of the legendary Jewish food writer Evelyn Rose – whose books have inspired generations of cooks – and her cousin Dr Jackie Rose, a GP nutritionist, meld over 100 mouth-watering, easy-to-follow recipes with the latest information on diet and well-being.

Victoria Prever - The Jewish Chronicle
This wonderful book is for anyone who wants to eat well – in every sense of the word.

Rebetsin Chaya Reena Zimmerman
Filled with tempting recipes and healthy adaptations of Jewish favourites
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★★★★★ Brilliant. So much more than a cookery book - Pat Moss
Even without the healthy eating aspect I love this book for its gorgeous colour photographs of nearly every recipe - it looks more like an art book than a cookery book.
Pat Moss

★★★★★ Amazing kosher healthy eating book
Beautifully illustrated kosher healthy eating book, with wonderful selection of recipes. Having all the medical advice at the back of the book is a real added bonus. Highly recommended.
Linda B

★★★★★ Delicious looking recipes and very useful information
An interesting read as well as a very useful reference for recipes and health tips. There are some great twists and healthy substitutes for traditional Jewish recipes, international influences and stylish contemporary ones.

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars Highly recommended
A wonderful book packed full of delicious recipes,beautifully illustrated and with plenty of fascinating advice on healthy eating. I know I will be referring to this book regularly and it will have a prominent place in my kitchen.
Josie Davies

★★★★★ Can’t wait to get cooking, so many delicious recipes
A must have cookbook for all levels. Easy to obtain ingredients. A real pick me up during Covid-19.
- Francine Levy

The Greatest – The Times and Life of Beryl Burton
William Fotheringham

Beryl Burton overtakes Mike McNamara to clinch victory in the 12-hour race at Otley, Yorkshire. When she finishes the marathon event after 277 miles, Burton has beaten Britain’s leading male time triallist and achieved something unheard of: she has taken a men’s endurance record outright. The moment enters cycling folklore because of Burton's gesture as she overhauls ‘Mac’: unsure what to do or say, she offers him a liquorice allsort from her pocket.

Burton was a seven-times world champion and multiple national champion, and this was the greatest feat in her 30-year career. The Otley ‘12’ should have been a groundbreaking moment in women’s sport, but along with the rest of Burton’s achievements, it has slipped into relative obscurity.

This new biography from best-selling writer William Fotheringham tells Burton’s story in full for the first time, from the brutal illness that left her bedridden as a teenager to her quarter century at the top of women’s cycling in the UK, and her premature death in 1996.
Published: Sept 2019
Hardback: 314 pages
Price: £20.00
ISBN: 9-781912-419531

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William Fotheringham is the No.1 best-selling author of Merckx: Half-Man, Half-Bike. He writes for the Guardian on cycling and is the critically acclaimed author of Sunday in Hell, Fallen Angel, Roule Britannia and Put Me Back on My Bike, hailed by Vélo magazine as ‘the best cycling biography ever’.

A racing cyclist and launch editor of Procycling magazine, he has reported on almost 30 Tours de France, four Olympic Games and the Rugby World Cup.

Illustrated Multiple Choice Questions in Anatomy for Medical Students
Liz Saunders

Illustrated Multiple-Choice Questions In Anatomy
For Medical Students
This book provides the student with the ability to test their visual knowledge, as well as their functional knowledge of anatomical structures. Furthermore explanations are given as to why answers are incorrect in order to help the students’ understanding of anatomical relations, neurovascular supplies and clinical presentations.
There are one hundred and thirty figures, most with five structures highlighted. The multiple-choice question for each structure has five possible answers, one being that sought after single best answer. Eight of the illustrations have up to fifteen structures labelled (A to N), this time the student must identify the structure from a given description.
Medical students will welcome the ability to identify structures they have seen in the anatomy suite and to test their knowledge to prepare them for their exams and for clinical practice.

The Respiratory And Cardiac Systems
The Upper Limb And Lower Limb
The Neck And Back
The Digestive System
The Urogenital System
The Head, Brain And Spinal Cord
Published:January 2020
Paperback:458 pages
Size:229 x 153 mm

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Liz Saunders was Assistant Professor of Anatomy on the Graduate Entry Medical course run by the University of Nottingham in Derby.
Anatomy is all about structures and relations, movement and protection, circulation and nerve supply. It is important that students understand the physicality of anatomy; to visualize what lies deep to the surface and to connect that knowledge with their patient’s symptoms and history of events. I have used illustrations throughout the book, with questions designed to include clinical relevance such that students can test their anatomical knowledge in preparation for clinical practice.

Poor Puss – A Social History of English Cats
Marilyn Crowther

At the turn of the 19th century, in support of the first animal welfare campaigners, cats told their own stories through a series of best-selling children’s books. They moused in high places but pay was often poor, as revealed by Florence Nightingale in her memo complaining of the meagre rations for cats in the War Office. Many cats worked at home in London - where rats were a scourge – and enjoyed the luxury of a daily fast food service: a slice of horse flesh on a skewer delivered through the letterbox by the Cats-meat man. On the steam railway network, cats had power: the safety of the travelling public was largely dependent on the hunting skills of the signal box ratters. Crowds flocked to the first cat show held at the Crystal Palace in 1871, when aristocrats and royalty obsessed over their competitive hobby of breeding longhairs.
Published:April 2019
Paperback:166 pages
Size:250 x 250 mm

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A spoilt Persian puss scratched the hand of the Prince of Wales and even more spoilt ladies chased the terrified exhibition organizer round the hall for something he had forgotten to do. The National Cat Club was founded along with the first stud book as a guide for ‘points of excellence.’ Technical advances in colour printing raised the profile of cats; their image was everywhere, on greetings cards, valentines, picture post-cards, sheet music and advertisements that sold every kind of product imaginable. Poor Puss is the story of cats as they bravely clawed their way up the social ladder - out of persecution and superstition - to gain their rightful place as cherished family pets today. With impressive research, over three hundred archival pictures and entertaining anecdotal detail, meaty as a plump mouse. You may never view your cat in the same way again!

Jilly Cooper
Marvellous historical background and all the glorious illustrations

Dear Marilyn, A million congratulations on your wonderful book Poor Puss. A Social History of English Cats, the marvellous historical background and all the glorious illustrations make it the perfect present for any cat lover. Truly well done, Love, Jilly Cooper.

London Metropolitan Archives
'impressive in every way'

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