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Beyond English
Anthony Fitzgerald & Beata Holeckova

Published: March 2024
Paperback: 48 pages
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Beyond English
The Missing Pieces of Your Bilingual Identity You Won't Learn at School
by Anthony Fitzgerald & Beata Holeckova

Mastering English is complicated. Students from many different countries admit that whilst making great progress with learning the English language, they still do not understand English people completely. The hidden meanings, unwritten rules, nuances and humour really confuse them. If you wish to uncover the missing pieces that traditional education overlooks, this insightful guide will take you on a journey beyond textbooks.

Anthony Fitzgerald and Beata Holeckova offer a unique exploration of English language and culture to make it easier for you to understand the English, enjoy their ways, and communicate with greater depth and proficiency. A must-read for learners eager to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and authentic communication.

Anthony Fitzgerald has been involved with language for a lifetime. He started as an advertising copywriter and continued with his own advertising agency. He worked for Time Magazine with postings all over the world for nearly twenty years and has now become an Executive Coach to help people with their careers and their lives. Anthony has written English commercially for fifty years and has lived in seven different countries, sold in over forty countries and visited at least eighty countries. He’s had to adapt his speaking and writing to suit audiences all over the world.

Beata Holeckova is an educational entrepreneur, an experienced and successful teacher of English as a second language, and a neuro-encoding specialist. Originally from former Czechoslovakia, Beata started taking language classes in English aiming to become fluent. After an eye-opening year in the UK in 1995 she emerged with near fluency and clear that English was her passion. She began her English-teaching career in 2000 and has since worked with groups of multinational students of all abilities, ages and levels of skill. Her mission is to empower non-native English learners, enabling them to master the language, and forge a new, bilingual identity.

Essays on Massage History 1750-1950
Leonard A Goldstone

Published: Feb 2024
Paperback: 288 pages
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ISBN: 9781915972101
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Essays on Massage History 1750-1950
by Leonard Goldstone

A history of significant masseuses, masseurs and Western massage from around 1,750 CE. up to the middle 1900s, in a series of essays in approximate historical order.

The essays stand, and can be read, independently in any order of interest. The essays on early massage form the background to more ‘modern’ developments, in particular in the late 19th century, which was a golden age of literature about massage and a time when eminent doctors figured large in massage writings in the USA, UK and Europe – their important texts often stand in quite startling contrast with 21st-century practice and their writing and the massage developments they describe have received scant attention in 21st-century texts. They offer a world of opportunity for researchers to re-assess.

The author describes how medical audit evolved in the late twentieth century but was anticipated by doctors and masseurs assessing the effectiveness of massage in the mid-19th century. The essays also cover developments in the early- and middle-twentieth century associated with The First World War and the rehabilitation of injured soldiers, along with the (mainly) masseuses who did this work.

In addition, they discuss some controversial areas such as who created so called ‘Swedish Massage’; who were the first writers on medical audit; who was possibly the foremost authority on massage of the late 19th and early 20th century but whose name has been almost erased from history.

The book concludes with a chapter profiling the work of a man who designated himself as a masseur into the 1960s, long after most, former ‘masseurs’, became ‘physiotherapists’, possibly the last ‘masseur’ in England at the time.

The author qualified in Massage in the early 1990s at the Northern Institute of Massage, then in Blackpool, England, following in his wife Jennifer’s footsteps and enthusiasm, she having been an orthopaedic and later paediatic registered nurse for many years, prior to becoming a full time remedial masseuse.

Another massage qualification followed from the West London School of Massage whilst the author was in full time employment as Professor and Dean at the London South Bank University in the Faculty of Health and Social Care. The author has held full time Faculty positions in the University of Manchester and the Open University, as well as Visiting Professor in the Medical School of Queen’s University Belfast.

The author’s academic interest in massage history grew from the mid 1990s, being in London with its great libraries and pioneer distinguished hospitals, some of which opened their records for searches of the how, why and when massage was initiated. Many guest lectures and seminars on massage history in other universities followed and continue into formal academic retirement, together with research papers in prestigious journals, culminating in this volume.

Reviews of Essays on Massage History 1750-1950

Melvyn Eyres has been involved in massage therapy for over 50 years, both as a practitioner, and in later years as a Board member, and now President, of the LCSP Register. He also sits on the Board of the GCMT (General Council for Massage Therapies) in an advisory capacity.
This well-researched book will enlighten our understanding of massage therapy, its history and how it got to where it is today. A must-read for educators and anyone involved in, or who has an interest in the massage industry. It includes many little known or forgotten facts about massage therapy, charting its rise and acceptance as a valuable medical modality, to its decline and fall into oblivion as a part of orthodox medical practice. Then it explores its partial revival as a therapy, which is now mostly recognised as an alternative therapy. Of particular interest is the documented change in application frequency and techniques from what was originally taught and used in its heyday, to what is widely accepted as massage therapy today.

The Nicotine Delusion
Dr Gabriel Symonds

Published: Oct 2022
Paperback: 448 pages
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ISBN: 9781914424625
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The Nicotine Delusion
And other medical controversies by Gabriel Symonds

In his inimitable satirical style, Dr Gabriel Symonds shines a critical light on the shortcomings of the orthodox approach to smoking cessation, especially the recommendation to use e-cigarettes (vaping) which he argues is both misleading and unnecessary. He shows how the concept of ‘smoking-harm reduction’ is not only flawed but counterproductive. The deceitful practices of Big Tobacco, particularly their repulsive use of animal experiments, also come under scrutiny.

Included in this wide-ranging anthology are examinations of the contentious issues of so-called gender dysphoria and transgender treatment, psychiatric research and the use of hallucinogenic drugs in depression, vitamin drips for healthy people, an inquiry into the meaning of consciousness, and an essay on misuse of the English language.

Originally posted on Dr Symonds’s website, these controversial articles will be sure to inform, amuse, and surprise.

Dr Gabriel Symonds is a British doctor living in Tokyo where for many years he ran the Tokyo British Clinic serving the expatriate community. Now semi-retired, he offers his unique method of smoking cessation as well as Jungian-based psychotherapy.

The Phenomenon of the Human Distress Pattern
Micheline Mason

Published: Sept 2022
Paperback: 72 pages
Price: £8.99
ISBN: 9-781914-424755
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The Phenomenon of the Human Distress Pattern
Our only Real Enemy

We are born with three extraordinary powers naturally available to us free of charge – the power of touch, the power of attention, and the power of imagination, but no one tells us this. These powers are barely understood and therefore greatly underused. If they were understood and used we would not find ourselves in the precarious state we are in.
Our beautiful world and all it’s natural wonders are being threatened by hurt human beings who are consequently unable to think and act in our own best interests.
This little book tries to explain how our minds work, how they become partly frozen by painful memories, and how these ‘ice-balls’ can drive our behaviours. It looks at how we can help each other to melt these inner ice-balls using the natural powers we all have.
The author suggests how we can harness these powers to halt our own destructive behaviours, allowing nature to heal not only us but also our damaged ecosystems before it is too late.

Micheline Mason is an artist, writer and activist. For over forty-five years she was part of an international organisation of people who developed a simple but profound way to help each other to recover from past emotional injuries.
In this community she helped develop the theory and became a teacher of the method, exchanging attention with thousands of people in many different countries.
In her ‘retirement’ she has chosen to share what she learnt with as many people as possible with a view to empowering them to continue the work themselves. She lives in London.

An Ordinary Baby
Micheline Mason

Published: Sept 2022
Paperback: 152 pages
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ISBN: 9-781914-424663
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An Ordinary Baby
Tales of Childhood Resistance

All-powerful adults organise the lives of children but rarely take into account the fact that children have minds of their own, disabled children even less so. This account is a remembered story of one such child, born in 1950 with an impairment called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, or ‘Brittle Bones’.

Micheline invites you to experience the world from her point of view and, in particular, how she developed and executed an escape plan from the segregated and shrunken world that most people expected her to inhabit for the rest of her life.

Her story highlights some horrific memories of children’s wards back then but also the good times: the fun and support given to her by her unusual working-class family.

Her own illustrations add images to the words, giving the reader a sense of how her identity as an artist/activist began to develop and eventually led her onto the world stage.

Micheline Mason is a life-long Artist/Activist and Writer. She was born in the 1950s to a working-class family, a fireman’s daughter.
At four days old she was diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, or Brittle Bones, seen then as a severe ‘handicap’ which would define her life.
Her struggle against any such false limitations led her to help disabled people to develop the concept of disability as a social oppression, kept in place by segregation and loss of human rights, which needs to be constantly challenged.
Since becoming a mother she campaigned for a fully inclusive education system to become a right for all children.
She is now 71, ‘retired’ and living in London, with more time than ever to stir things up.

Illustrated Multiple Choice Questions in Anatomy for Medical Students
Liz Saunders

Illustrated Multiple-Choice Questions In Anatomy
For Medical Students
This book provides the student with the ability to test their visual knowledge, as well as their functional knowledge of anatomical structures. Furthermore explanations are given as to why answers are incorrect in order to help the students’ understanding of anatomical relations, neurovascular supplies and clinical presentations.
There are one hundred and thirty figures, most with five structures highlighted. The multiple-choice question for each structure has five possible answers, one being that sought after single best answer. Eight of the illustrations have up to fifteen structures labelled (A to N), this time the student must identify the structure from a given description.
Medical students will welcome the ability to identify structures they have seen in the anatomy suite and to test their knowledge to prepare them for their exams and for clinical practice.

The Respiratory And Cardiac Systems
The Upper Limb And Lower Limb
The Neck And Back
The Digestive System
The Urogenital System
The Head, Brain And Spinal Cord
Published:January 2020
Paperback:458 pages
Size:229 x 153 mm

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Liz Saunders was Assistant Professor of Anatomy on the Graduate Entry Medical course run by the University of Nottingham in Derby.
Anatomy is all about structures and relations, movement and protection, circulation and nerve supply. It is important that students understand the physicality of anatomy; to visualize what lies deep to the surface and to connect that knowledge with their patient’s symptoms and history of events. I have used illustrations throughout the book, with questions designed to include clinical relevance such that students can test their anatomical knowledge in preparation for clinical practice.

What is next for us
Nubia Assata

Published: Sept 2022
Paperback: 95 pages
Price: £6.99
ISBN: 9-780957-472358
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What is next for us
Nubia Assata

What Is Next For Us? Is in itself a question. Opening up a discourse on the future of black political activity, modern Pan-African pursuits and the relationship between the African continent and the global black diaspora.

Nubia answers a multitude of questions covering the urgency of psychological liberation, the erroneous attachment to Black Messianism and the importance of radical collectivism.

Following her debut book Silent Screams, Nubia stays true to her commitment to use her writings to mitigate the legacies of colonialism and slavery, but this time she focuses on the economic and socio-political legacies that ravage the global black community.

Ultimately bringing the reader to ask themselves the culminating question, what is next for us?

Nubia Assata is a young ,eighteen-year-old, up-and-coming author who integrates her intersecting activism for black consciousness and mental health through her work. She has used her experiences with mental health and racism, whilst being a young black woman in Britain as a springboard to open the conversation of what ‘Blackness’ means in 21st Century Britain and the world.


Khushi Dhutty
Nubia's words are empowering, raw, authentic – she leaves the readership with that one eponymous question – what is next for us? And poses the final balance on the weighing scales of the future – will we remain in comfortability, or will the Black Diaspora leave the slumber and launch a rekindling of that innate determination to debilitate the lies of white supremacy?

Dr Martin Glynn (April 2022)
Despite being young, Nubia displays a maturity of purpose in her writing, combined with an important ‘call to arms’ to anyone who believes in addressing important issues concerning blackness, politics and identity.

The Road to Kill the Bill
Joseph Boyd

Standing up for our rights to protest
This landmark book tells the story of Joe Boyd, a working-class, recovering addict from Liverpool who joins the frontlines of environmental anti-fracking protests across Northern England.
With suspicions rising about police infiltration in the movement and gaslighting from those positioning themselves as leaders, Joe questions everything and researches endlessly in a bid to make sense of what he – and others – experience. What he starts to witness is a war on rights to protest.
Joe then turns to defending our human rights, which eventually leads him to taking on the fight and defeating the years; he goes from near death to the Court of Appeal, London.
However, Joe knows that’s not the end of the regressive road to protest denial. He continues to monitor the actions of a new group Extinction Rebellion and sees a similar pattern.
The Road to Kill the Bill will make you question everything you thought was true and face the rising fascism we now witness where our rights to protest are hanging by a thread. A real and present story with lasting implications of one man taking on the state.
Published: June 2021
Paperback: 217 pages
Price: £9.99
ISBN: 9-781914-424113

Publication date: 10th June
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Joseph Boyd is a recently graduated Public Health (addictions) masters graduate from Liverpool John Moores University. For many years he has been involved in all aspects of environmental activism, learning about protest movements, energy policy and protest law. This knowledge and experience led him to the Royal Courts of Justice in London to defend rights to protest in a landmark ruling. He also has an International Studies degree from the Open University and received the Healthy Living Award at the Liverpool Echo Environment Awards.

28.6.2019 - ★★★★★ Compelling read
A well written account of Joe's experiences as an environmental activist with the anti fracking movement, how those experiences and intelligence collected by the police and intelligence services have led to the recent implementation of the Police and Crime Bill.