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Peter Stanley

Published: July 2023
Paperback: 158 pages
Price: £9.99
ISBN: 9781915972057

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A meditation on the art of well-being by “keeping it simple”
by Peter Stanley

Find the ultimate way to live your life - although don't follow this book exactly or you may end up in trouble.

Simply take from it what you need. Live your life as YOU want to, and in doing so, have loads of fun.

This memoir incorporates all the elements of well-being with adventure, humour and a desire to ensure the readers own well-being.

A deeply personal and inspiring account of the author’s life but ultimately, this is a powerful message about the importance of the need to mitigate suffering, whether on an individual or social level.

The author shares his own experiences of overcoming adversity, as well as thoughts on how we can all work together to create a more compassionate and equitable world.

A rip roaring read but with the accent on the relief of suffering and achieving the ultimate in well being - how? - with humour – and fill your soul with music and your heart with love!

Peter spends his life having fun, or at least trying to when not extricating himself from yet another situation caused by his incessant quest to remove suffering from people’s lives with his care for others.

Sometimes dubbed a rebel with a cause, he has worked as an accountant, salesman, serial entrepreneur and chaired a public company for a number of years.

Married to Mame, a lovely lady who died a short while ago, they have two children, two grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

This is his first book.

Reviews by Amazon Readers...

KISS is a memoir that combines personal stories, insights, and humor to share the author’s journey of finding well-being and happiness in life. Peter reflects on his experiences of overcoming challenges, discovering his passions, and helping others. He also offers practical advice on how to achieve well-being by following the KISS principle of simplicity in all endeavours.The book is a captivating and inspiring read that will make you laugh, cry, and think. It is full of wisdom and compassion, as well as anecdotes from the author’s life. The book also explores various topics related to well-being, such as breathing, meditation, yoga, music, love, spirituality, and social justice. The book is written in a conversational and engaging style, with a balance of humor, drama, and insight. The book is a must-read for anyone who wants to improve their well-being and happiness, as well as to learn more about the author’s fascinating life. It is a book that will touch your heart, mind, and soul, and inspire you to live a simple, meaningful, and fulfilling life. CGPT

There is something magic about your writing, I can't put my finger on it but it makes the reader feel that no matter how difficult and dark life is, it is still worth living. What you are saying has been said many times, but not in the special way you are saying it, which really reaches out to the reader and gives them hope and courage to carry on. You have a special gift, keep up the good work, I can't wait for your next book! - MH

You are talking directly to us, Your writing is spontaneous and heartfelt and comes across in a way we can relate to. Also you write from the heart, your spirit shines out from the pages of your book, it is what we all need these days. LDN

I feel I have touched base again and back to where I was before……..I feel I have been through years of madness, trying to find myself having lost my way……….so thank you Peter. ANON

Your book grips the imagination and is never boring, it really makes you think about so many things. I loved it. A beautiful memoir with such good advice. SS

Inspiring This is a wonderful book, both a memoir and a book about how to live in a more mindful way. Enjoyable and thought provoking, the book is full of stories to make you laugh and wisdom to make you think about what is really important. I keep your lovely book on the table and dip into it at random when I sit down for cups of tea during the day. It is my comfort blanket and calms me down when I feel my nervous tension rising. It is such a sane, thoughtful, kind book. SAL

I started your book yesterday and finished it at 5.00pm today – that’s how much I enjoyed it !! BD

Jo kept saying the book was "absolutely incredible", she had read it twice and was going to read it a third time. She said the book was like you climbed lots of mountains to get on to the next mountain and never complained about it at all, (she related the story of when your canoe got filled with coal). She said it was like you have been at the helm of your life, all your life and remained there, and "anyone with a spark of conscience would be moved/ affected by your book". Jo said she would recommend your book to everyone in the world! - JO

Reviews by readers...

Angela Mays - Social Scientist
“There is real warmth in this writing”

Fay Pedler - Physiotherapist
“This book is addictive”

Sarah Juckes, Jericho Writers
“I really enjoyed reading this”

Charmaine Despres
“I love every single word Peter”

Cleo Howe
“I agree with your thoughts on positive thinking, such a powerful healer”

Marcella Howard
“You write as if it is coming from the heart”

An Ordinary Baby
Micheline Mason

Published: Sept 2022
Paperback: 152 pages
Price: £7.99
ISBN: 9-781914-424663
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An Ordinary Baby
Tales of Childhood Resistance

All-powerful adults organise the lives of children but rarely take into account the fact that children have minds of their own, disabled children even less so. This account is a remembered story of one such child, born in 1950 with an impairment called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, or ‘Brittle Bones’.

Micheline invites you to experience the world from her point of view and, in particular, how she developed and executed an escape plan from the segregated and shrunken world that most people expected her to inhabit for the rest of her life.

Her story highlights some horrific memories of children’s wards back then but also the good times: the fun and support given to her by her unusual working-class family.

Her own illustrations add images to the words, giving the reader a sense of how her identity as an artist/activist began to develop and eventually led her onto the world stage.

Micheline Mason is a life-long Artist/Activist and Writer. She was born in the 1950s to a working-class family, a fireman’s daughter.
At four days old she was diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, or Brittle Bones, seen then as a severe ‘handicap’ which would define her life.
Her struggle against any such false limitations led her to help disabled people to develop the concept of disability as a social oppression, kept in place by segregation and loss of human rights, which needs to be constantly challenged.
Since becoming a mother she campaigned for a fully inclusive education system to become a right for all children.
She is now 71, ‘retired’ and living in London, with more time than ever to stir things up.

Smaller Knickers for Life
Karen Goold & Debbie Lake

Master your mind, Master the Food Fantasy

It doesn’t have to be difficult to have SmallerKnickers™ for life
– unless of course we’re totally convinced it will be!

This book provides simple-to-implement techniques, each one a small jigsaw-puzzle piece towards successful healthy-eating behaviour, for life.

This is for you, the whole you. You have the power to align your mind and body to gain a healthier lifestyle. You can reach your health and fitness goals, challenge your own limitations and overcome negativity, frustration and the dreaded yo-yo dieting.

“This is the book you’ve been waiting for. Its time is now.”
“Now I know more about why I do these things, and how I sabotage my success. And most importantly, what I can do about it.”

Published: May 2021
Paperback: 272 pages
Price: £15.00
ISBN: 978-1-913425-85-2

£15.00 (+ £3.50 postage)
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Both Karen and Debbie are coaches in their fields of expertise and are passionate about sharing knowledge and seeing success in others. Karen Goold is an Executive Coach, and has worked in leadership, consultancy and coaching roles across a number of industries. Karen uses her interest in neuroscience to develop clients’ self-awareness and understanding of behaviour, biases and strengths. Debbie Lake has had senior client relationship roles in companies in the transport and financial services industries. Debbie has more recently built her Pilates, Fitness, GP Referrals and Reiki business working with individuals to improve their fitness, functional movement patterns and spiritual growth.
Reader Reviews...

Dr David Jolly MBChB, MRCGP, Bsc (Hons)
This is a really good, common-sense book, to help people gain a healthier lifestyle.

None of the old hash about dieting. This is easy to read, easy to understand and makes sense. It allows you to eat sensibly and healthily and keep you sane on the journey to healthier eating and a better lifestyle. Have read the whole book and been on the course. I keep the book by my side while watching tv so I can dip into it when I need to remind myself of what I am aiming for and why.

Front Room Beauty, Banstead
Amazing book, really makes you think. I love the worksheets in the back and would recommend to all, not just those looking to lose weight.

Stop Smoking with the Symonds Method
Dr Gabriel Symonds

This book sets out to reproduce in written form what takes place in Dr Symonds’s face-to-face quit-smoking sessions that have proved so successful with hundreds of smokers; it is the distillation of his twenty years of experience.

The Symonds Method is based on helping smokers to demonstrate to themselves why they really smoke and why quitting seems so hard. Once these are understood, smokers will find there should be no difficulty in refraining from something they don’t want to do anymore.

Unlike other quit-smoking books, the unique Symonds Method is simple and quick to learn. No nicotine products (including e-cigarettes), drugs, hypnosis, scare-tactics, or gimmicks are used.
Published:July 2018
Paperback:88 pages

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Further —
* Do not choose a ‘quit date’ - this is setting yourself up for failure
* Do not worry about smoking ‘triggers’ - just carry on with your life (except for smoking)
* Forget ‘cravings’ - whatever these are
* For less than the cost of two weeks’ worth of nicotine patches, this e-book will show you how to get that Nicotine Monkey off your back for good.
Reader Reviews...

Vegetarian Food for Carnivores
Sarah McLean


ISBN: 9781912419845
Hardback - 162 full-colour pages
Published Dec 2020

This unique cookery book can be used by anyone - to reduce their meat intake, to feed vegetarian or vegan friends, or to create vegetarian meals that even carnivores will enjoy.
Easy-to-follow recipes provide a host of popular alternatives to meat dishes, and all without losing any of the flavour. To make things even easier, the ingredients are readily accessible from mainstream supermarkets.
Sarah McLean’s family-friendly meals are based on traditional recipes that most of us know and love.
She has drawn on her experience as chef, nurse and mother-of-three to produce a feast of a book that crosses the boundary between vegetarian and meat-based cookery.
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Horses for Life – With foreword by Princess Anne
Pammy Hutton & Islay Auty

Horses For Life
Publication: 15th Nov 2020

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PROFILE of the Authors... Pammy Hutton FBHS is a Fellow of the British Horse Society, British Dressage Accredited Coach, Judge, an International Dressage rider and trainer. The joint owner with her husband Brian, of the world renowned Talland School of Equitation in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, she is the daughter of the late Colonel & Mrs Sivewright and the mother of two successful riders/trainers Charlie and Pippa. Five decades of international riding and teaching experience all over the world, have included working with Olympic Teams in Italy, Australia and Ireland with numerous individual coaching successes, some of whom are featured in this book.
Her talents include being an able musician, gardener and cook, with a passion for helping the development of youth who share the enthusiasm and love of the horse.

Islay Auty FBHS BA(hons)Ed is a Fellow of the British Horse Society, British Dressage Accredited Coach, Coach Educator and Judge. Five decades in the horse industry including running a riding school, producing young horses and competing in all three disciplines, has evolved into her areas of expertise, which are regarded as development of youth and coach education.
She has world wide international experience in these fi elds as well as regularly coaching competitive partnerships at home. Mentoring young professionals in the horse industry has become an important part of her life in latter years. She is the author of 14 books.
Married to David with one son and two grandchildren, Islay remains passionate about the love of the horse as an enduring part of her life.

Pebbles of Inspiration
Daniela Svampa Cowie

Pebbles of Inspiration
Daniela Svampa Cowie

I have had ample opportunity throughout my unsettled life-journey to ponder on the reflective passages and to focus on the positive quotes and reminders that I share in this rich collection. With their aid I hope to bring light and hope into your life. We all need a little extra inner sunshine and encouragement on those days when we walk in troubled waters - and on those days when we are flying high, may this book be an accompanying and reassuring guide. Read from the beginning or let your heart guide you to a page by chance. Either way, may it serve you, inspire and enrich your journey as you unveil your life.
Published: August 2020
Paperback: 200 pages
Price: £8.99
ISBN: 9-781913-425470

£9.99 (+ £2.50 postage)
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Daniela began her journey in rural Italy, surrounded by scrutiny and judgement, searching for love, acceptance and purpose. Her determination and hopes led her on a tumultuous journey that has seen her deal with the dramatic realities of her life. Using the strength and knowledge gained she has sought and found a balance and tranquillity she now channels into guiding and supporting others. Through her counselling and public speaking, she is now dedicated to helping others face and overcome their difficulties and demons in life and continues to deliver her message of love, hope and peace.
Reader Reviews...

A Reason to Love Them
Daniela Svampa Cowie

As a result of the incredible response and feedback to my autobiography, A Reason To Love Me, I felt A Reason To Love Them to be the most logical follow up. Although not a sequel per se, the two are very much linked. Whilst offering further insight into my life experiences, with this book I aim to challenge views and beliefs by suggesting alternative perspectives, perspectives which have helped me heal and take my life back.

Although it can be incredibly hard at times for us to love ourselves, it can feel almost impossible for us to love ’them’, those whom we view as the perpetrators. A lesson without which inner peace cannot be achieved.

A book that offers techniques, methods and alternative perspectives which deal with overcoming trauma and abuse. From mental health to physical abuse the author through her own life experience as a survivor, with courage, love and acceptance, proves that nothing is insurmountable.
Published: Feb 2020
Paperback: 174 pages
Price: £11.99
ISBN: 9-781913-425128

£11.99 (+ £2 postage)
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Daniela began her journey in rural Italy, surrounded by scrutiny and judgement, searching for love, acceptance and purpose. Her determination and hopes led her on a tumultuous journey that has seen her deal with the dramatic realities of her life. Using the strength and knowledge gained she has sought and found a balance and tranquillity she now channels into guiding and supporting others. Through her counselling and public speaking, she is now dedicated to helping others face and overcome their difficulties and demons in life and continues to deliver her message of love, hope and peace.
Reader Reviews...

5.0 out of 5 stars A very beautiful and powerful book

This beautifully written book has the potential to be life changing for its reader.
Using her own experiences, Daniela takes you on a journey of deep self-reflection and offers you a different way of perceiving the world. She tackles the most difficult topics with such awareness and understanding, consistently promoting messages of love, compassion and kindness. Each chapter delves into a different topic, always finishing with a ‘reason to love them’. This is a powerful way of guiding you through a shift in perception, and the process of forgiveness.
Daniela has clearly experienced some very dark moments- as have many of us - but she has has found a way to shine light onto them and in doing so has become free from their chains. In reading this book, I guarantee you will be inspired to do the same. I thank her for sharing the story of her own healing to help others.