Peter Stanley

Published: July 2023
Paperback: 158 pages
Price: £9.99
ISBN: 9781915972057

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A meditation on the art of well-being by “keeping it simple”
by Peter Stanley

Find the ultimate way to live your life - although don't follow this book exactly or you may end up in trouble.

Simply take from it what you need. Live your life as YOU want to, and in doing so, have loads of fun.

This memoir incorporates all the elements of well-being with adventure, humour and a desire to ensure the readers own well-being.

A deeply personal and inspiring account of the author’s life but ultimately, this is a powerful message about the importance of the need to mitigate suffering, whether on an individual or social level.

The author shares his own experiences of overcoming adversity, as well as thoughts on how we can all work together to create a more compassionate and equitable world.

A rip roaring read but with the accent on the relief of suffering and achieving the ultimate in well being - how? - with humour – and fill your soul with music and your heart with love!

Peter spends his life having fun, or at least trying to when not extricating himself from yet another situation caused by his incessant quest to remove suffering from people’s lives with his care for others.

Sometimes dubbed a rebel with a cause, he has worked as an accountant, salesman, serial entrepreneur and chaired a public company for a number of years.

Married to Mame, a lovely lady who died a short while ago, they have two children, two grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

This is his first book.

Reviews by readers...

Angela Mays - Social Scientist
“There is real warmth in this writing”

Fay Pedler - Physiotherapist
“This book is addictive”

Sarah Juckes, Jericho Writers
“I really enjoyed reading this”

Charmaine Despres
“I love every single word Peter”

Cleo Howe
“I agree with your thoughts on positive thinking, such a powerful healer”

Marcella Howard
“You write as if it is coming from the heart”