Birds and Their Gift of Music
Michael Green

Published: July 2023
Paperback: 328 pages
Price: £15.99
ISBN: 9781914424885

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Birds and Their Gift of Music
An exploration of music inspired by birds and birdsong
by Michael Green

This authoritative account links the two worlds of birds and music to show the extraordinary influence that birds, through song and behaviour, have had on composers and musicians over the last millennium.

Over 1200 examples represent folk music, renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic and modern periods including, more recently, popular music and jazz.

Musicians are presented by country and the reader will find brief composer biographies, short descriptions of many of the individual pieces, which may be songs, instrumental, choral or orchestral, also references to the poetry which has inspired much of the music.

A series of invaluable appendices facilitates easy access to a wonderful world of discoveries.

The author lives in North Norfolk where he is well known for his many illustrated talks on a variety of musical subjects particularly concerning birds.

He has devoted many years to researching his subject in the certain belief that this is a book which needed to be written and which will appeal to a wide reading international public of bird, music and nature lovers.

With particular thanks to Mark Glaister for his delightful cover painting and additional watercolours represented in these pages in monochrome.

If you wish to see the original watercolour paintings along with brief musical excerpts they can be viewed at

Mark Glaister, growing up in Carlisle, Cumbria, was always inspired by his rather eccentric uncle, Ernest Glaister, a local watercolour artist but did not take up watercolour himself until late in life. He paints landscapes often drawing on the area of North Norfolk where he now lives in retirement with his wife, Grace.

Michael Green was born in Cheshire in 1937 and educated at Wrekin College and Manchester University.

After a career in the computer world, spent 10 years at Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre as Development Director.

First wife, Elizabeth, died in 1989 leaving son, Nicolas who composes music for TV series and daughter, Rachel, who runs a successful catering business.

Now living with wife, Heather, in North Norfolk.