Poltwhistle’s Final Defeat – Fictional sequel to Gilbert and Sullivan’s Yeomen of the Guard
Malcolm Dunbar

Published: July 2023
Paperback: 38 pages
Price: £5.00
ISBN: 9781915972064

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Poltwhistle's Final Defeat
Fictional sequel to Gilbert and Sullivan's Yeomen of the Guard.
by Malcolm Dunbar

Poltwhistle’s Final Defeat is the sequel to Gilbert and Sullivan’s opera ‘The Yeomen of the Guard’. Here Sir Clarence Poltwhistle is enraged at being thwarted over his attempt to claim his cousin Colonel Fairfax’s estate which falls to him if he should die without marrying. Poltwhistle makes one final attempt to thwart his cousin, but even this fails, leaving Poltwhistle desolate. In the end everything works out for everybody concerned, even the broken hearted jester Jack Point finds happiness and love once more.

Malcolm Dunbar was born and brought up in Edinburgh.

Malcolm wrote a number of autobiographical stories about his war experience and later life. He also wrote several biblical essays.

However, it was his love for Gilbert and Sullivan's opera “The Yeoman of the Guard” that urged him to write a sequel to the opera.

He enjoyed writing the story and hopes that you will enjoy reading it.