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Birds and Their Gift of Music
Michael Green

Published: July 2023
Paperback: 328 pages
Price: £15.99
ISBN: 9781914424885

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Birds and Their Gift of Music
An exploration of music inspired by birds and birdsong
by Michael Green

This authoritative account links the two worlds of birds and music to show the extraordinary influence that birds, through song and behaviour, have had on composers and musicians over the last millennium.

Over 1200 examples represent folk music, renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic and modern periods including, more recently, popular music and jazz.

Musicians are presented by country and the reader will find brief composer biographies, short descriptions of many of the individual pieces, which may be songs, instrumental, choral or orchestral, also references to the poetry which has inspired much of the music.

A series of invaluable appendices facilitates easy access to a wonderful world of discoveries.

The author lives in North Norfolk where he is well known for his many illustrated talks on a variety of musical subjects particularly concerning birds.

He has devoted many years to researching his subject in the certain belief that this is a book which needed to be written and which will appeal to a wide reading international public of bird, music and nature lovers.

With particular thanks to Mark Glaister for his delightful cover painting and additional watercolours represented in these pages in monochrome.

If you wish to see the original watercolour paintings along with brief musical excerpts they can be viewed at

Mark Glaister, growing up in Carlisle, Cumbria, was always inspired by his rather eccentric uncle, Ernest Glaister, a local watercolour artist but did not take up watercolour himself until late in life. He paints landscapes often drawing on the area of North Norfolk where he now lives in retirement with his wife, Grace.

Michael Green was born in Cheshire in 1937 and educated at Wrekin College and Manchester University.

After a career in the computer world, spent 10 years at Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre as Development Director.

First wife, Elizabeth, died in 1989 leaving son, Nicolas who composes music for TV series and daughter, Rachel, who runs a successful catering business.

Now living with wife, Heather, in North Norfolk.

Special Purpose Aircraft
Frank Hitchens

This book, Special Purpose Aircraft, covers aircraft which were designed or used for special research or experimental purposes. It also includes prototypes, VTOL, X-planes and US Presidential aircraft. The book contains entries for around 250 types of aircraft and each entry contains at least one photograph or more. Technical details on the aircraft type and a detailed background about its special purpose are included in each individual aircraft.

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By Frank Hitchens

Publication Date: 14th February 2022
Paperback: 462 pages with 340 Colour Photographs
ISBN: 978-1-914424-46-5

This book, Special Purpose Aircraft, covers aircraft which were designed or used for special research or experimental purposes. It also includes prototypes, VTOL, X-planes and US Presidential aircraft. The book contains entries for around 250 types of aircraft and each entry contains at least one photograph or more. Technical details on the aircraft type and a detailed background about its special purpose are included in each individual aircraft.

British Metal Woodworking Planes 1800-2000 (4 Volumes)
Jeffrey W. Warner

After 15 years of painstaking research Jeff Warner’s epic study of English metal planes and their makers has finally been published in a four volume hardback set.

Volume One (528pp)
Begins with a brief study of early metal planes before 1800 and goes on to explain the beginnings of professional plane making during the century with detailed descriptions of makers such as Robert Towell and Kerr going on to Norris, Preston, Spiers and the like.

Volume Two (289pp)
Dealers and retailers of metal planes.

Volume Three (412pp)
English metal planes from 1928 –1960, mainly American style planes pre the DIY era.

Volume Four (438pp)
English metal planes from 1960 –2000, mainly American style planes post the DIY era.

All the volumes are profusely illustrated with detailed colour photographs of planes, packaging and catalogue extracts. The set is an invaluable resource of information to tool and plane collectors and should rank alongside the other standard works of the tool world.

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Judi Rose & Dr Jackie Rose – Inspired by Evelyn Rose

Hardback - 304 full-colour pages
Published Summer 2020

This gorgeous book is packed with brilliant food photographs and advice on how to follow a healthy Mediterranean-style diet, lose weight and keep it off.

Judi Rose, daughter of the legendary Jewish food writer Evelyn Rose – whose books have inspired generations of cooks – and her cousin Dr Jackie Rose, a GP nutritionist, meld over 100 mouth-watering, easy-to-follow recipes with the latest information on diet and well-being.

Victoria Prever - The Jewish Chronicle
This wonderful book is for anyone who wants to eat well – in every sense of the word.

Rebetsin Chaya Reena Zimmerman
Filled with tempting recipes and healthy adaptations of Jewish favourites
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Out of print
but you can still buy the Kindle edition

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★★★★★ Brilliant. So much more than a cookery book - Pat Moss
Even without the healthy eating aspect I love this book for its gorgeous colour photographs of nearly every recipe - it looks more like an art book than a cookery book.
Pat Moss

★★★★★ Amazing kosher healthy eating book
Beautifully illustrated kosher healthy eating book, with wonderful selection of recipes. Having all the medical advice at the back of the book is a real added bonus. Highly recommended.
Linda B

★★★★★ Delicious looking recipes and very useful information
An interesting read as well as a very useful reference for recipes and health tips. There are some great twists and healthy substitutes for traditional Jewish recipes, international influences and stylish contemporary ones.

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars Highly recommended
A wonderful book packed full of delicious recipes,beautifully illustrated and with plenty of fascinating advice on healthy eating. I know I will be referring to this book regularly and it will have a prominent place in my kitchen.
Josie Davies

★★★★★ Can’t wait to get cooking, so many delicious recipes
A must have cookbook for all levels. Easy to obtain ingredients. A real pick me up during Covid-19.
- Francine Levy

The Great War’s Sporting Casualties:International sportsmen who were killed in the Great War
James Holder

The Great War claimed the lives of many professional and amateur sportsmen, including over three hundred who had represented their countries in one sport or another.
The Great War’s Sporting Casualties contains details of the sporting achievements and, where known, the circumstances of the deaths of those international sportsmen who were killed in the War or died as a result of injuries sustained in the War. It also contains details of nine other sportsmen who were killed in the War but who, although they did not represent their countries, did achieve something exceptional either in sport or in war.
Included amongst those listed are twenty-two Olympic gold medallists, twelve who captained their country at rugby, two who won the Tour de France and one who was a four-times Wimbledon champion. Also included are the three international sportsmen who won the Victoria Cross, one of whom was the only person to win two Victoria Crosses for deeds during the War and the fifteen who won the Military Cross.
Published: September 2018
Hardback: 502 pages
Price: £25.00
ISBN: 9-781912-419418

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James Holder was born in Somerset and, after reading law at Cambridge University, practised as a solicitor; he now works as a consultant. He is passionate about sport and has always taken an interest in family history much of which involves relations who were fortunate enough to survive the Great War. He and his wife have four children and one grandchild and live in Oxfordshire.

Andrew Brown, Oxfordshire

This is an impressively comprehensive guide to how the Great War led to the loss of so many top level sportsmen. While that in itself is not surprising –it led of course to the deaths of people from all walks of life-it is a stark reminder as to how many young, talented people were lost in the prime of their lives. The book focuses on international team sports - football, rugby and cricket - and Olympians and it is interesting to see the different rates of losses; for example, the worst hit proportionally were rugby players and Scottish rugby players in particular. The author surmises that this could be because a higher proportion of rugby players were privately educated and as a result officers who led from the front.

As well as the many fascinating and tragic individual stories in the main section of the book, I also enjoyed the appendices. One gives useful summary accounts of the many different Great War battles while one also details the losses by the internationals which they played; of the 30 players who participated in the January 1913 Scotland versus France rugby international, 14 were to die in the subsequent conflict.

Impact of natural factors on vegetation dynamics
Open University

9781911175353 Long-term monitoring of vegetation on Zalidovskie Luga meadow situated alongside the Ugra river in Kaluga Oblast, Russia, has been carried out from 1965 to 2012. Since 1997 the meadow has been part of the “Ugra” National Park, which was assigned the status of a UNESCO biosphere reserve in 2002. During the forty-eight years of monitoring, annual surveys on permanent plots were combined with surveys of haystack locations and adjacent control plots, with detailed observations of populations of particular plant species. A large amount of data has been collated allowing the impact of environmental factors to be assessed.
Published:Jan 2017
Paperback:204 pages

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Over the observation period, agricultural management altered more than once, ranging from single hay cut, hay cut followed by aftermath grazing, double hay cut, extensive grazing, and no management at all in recent years. The data illustrate the reaction of plant communities to these changes. The appendix contains data from 504 relevés recorded on twenty-two permanent observation plots over forty-eight years.

This book will be of interest of vegetation ecologists, conservationists and anyone involved in the management of European floodplain meadows.

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Detailed survey of the Shropshire Botanical Society.
Alex Lockton & Sarah Whild

frontcover The Shropshire Botanical Society is a not-for profit organization that is open to all botanists in the county and elsewhere, whatever their level of botanical skill. We hold field meetings, produce a bi-annual newsletter and hold indoor meetings with speakers. Our main remit is to provide a forum for recording the distribution of vascular plants, bryophytes and stoneworts within the vice-county, to provide botanical recording data for the conservation of plants and their habitats, and to provide training opportunities for botanists who wish to improve their identification or recording skills. All of our members and committee officers are volunteers and we always welcome new botanists. Many of our members also belong to the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland, the national organization for all amateur and professional botanists.
Published:1st March 2015
Hardback:454 pages

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To find out more, visit – all of our field meetings and newsletters are on the Shropshire page of this site.