British Metal Woodworking Planes 1800-2000 (4 Volumes)
Jeffrey W. Warner

After 15 years of painstaking research Jeff Warner’s epic study of English metal planes and their makers has finally been published in a four volume hardback set.

Volume One (528pp)
Begins with a brief study of early metal planes before 1800 and goes on to explain the beginnings of professional plane making during the century with detailed descriptions of makers such as Robert Towell and Kerr going on to Norris, Preston, Spiers and the like.

Volume Two (289pp)
Dealers and retailers of metal planes.

Volume Three (412pp)
English metal planes from 1928 –1960, mainly American style planes pre the DIY era.

Volume Four (438pp)
English metal planes from 1960 –2000, mainly American style planes post the DIY era.

All the volumes are profusely illustrated with detailed colour photographs of planes, packaging and catalogue extracts. The set is an invaluable resource of information to tool and plane collectors and should rank alongside the other standard works of the tool world.

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