Broadway book launch

Reparation, entwined Victorian lives and Cotswold gypsies, by Gail Fulton, was launched at Trinity Modern Galleries on Broadway High Street on Saturday 14 May to great acclaim.

Published by YouCaxton, this beautifully crafted novel tells the story of a fleeting love affair and of mistaken identity – and the tragic repercussions of jealousy.




Saturday Live

Cheryl Underhill, author of The Box of Beautiful Letters, published by YouCaxton in Augst 2021, appeared on Saturday Live on Easter Saturday. Her book is a compilation of the moving love letters of her mother and father, written during World War II while he father was away on service.


Writing, Walking and Publishing

YouCaxton Publications is branching out. Later this year, we will be collaborating with Writer’s Lodge on a series of retreats for writers wishing to self-publish. Courses will cover a mixture of creative writing, non-fiction writing, editing and publishing skills.

The courses will be held in Bishop’s Castle in the beautiful south-Shropshire hills where Writer’s Lodge has superb accommodation and studio space. Along with the courses there will be plenty of time to explore the area and to try out the many delights of the region.





What Did the Canaanites ever Do for Us?

Were the Canaanites just an obscure group whose main claim to fame was that they were around when the early Jews invaded Palestine, a defeated people forced into a long retreat in the face of militant Jewish monotheism?

Those who wrote the Old Testament wanted you to think so.

Bob Fowke will attempt to set the record straight in a talk for the Bishop’s Castle Arts Festival, 2.00 pm Saturday 26 February, in the Church Barn, Bishop’s Castle, Shropshire. He will be looking at pre-Jewish Canaanite culture and the origins of Jewish identity within it, the foundation of Carthage and how the Canaanites gave us the phonetic alphabet, Judaism itself and much more.

Special Purpose Aircraft
Frank Hitchens

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By Frank Hitchens

Publication Date: 14th February 2022
Paperback: 462 pages with 340 Colour Photographs
ISBN: 978-1-914424-46-5

This book, Special Purpose Aircraft, covers aircraft which were designed or used for special research or experimental purposes. It also includes prototypes, VTOL, X-planes and US Presidential aircraft. The book contains entries for around 250 types of aircraft and each entry contains at least one photograph or more. Technical details on the aircraft type and a detailed background about its special purpose are included in each individual aircraft.

To Life! Healthy Jewish Food
Dr Jackie explains how to help resilience to Covid-19

Optimal Nutritional Status for a Well-Functioning Immune System is an Important Factor to Protect Against Viral Infections
Prfofessor Philip Calder, Nutrients 2020,12,1181

A healthy diet can't prevent a person from catching Covid-19. Only social distancing and wearing of PPE can do this.
However, the right balance of nutrients in the diet can improve the chance of a milder form of the infection.

Calm Down Inflammation
Any foods which help to reduce chronic inflammation in the body can make a difference.
To Life! - Chapter on Inflammation and IBD explains this in detail.
With inflammation it seems that the immune system is worn out or overworked and no longer at peak performance.

Vitamins A Through to E
You should concentrate on vitamins A, C, D and E.

Vitamin A is easily topped up by eating yellow or orange foods, including carrots, citrus fruits, apricots and the most potent source is liver.
Try our recipe for Chicken Liver Pate with Tarragon and Pears.

Vitamin C is readily available in most fruits, especially apples, oranges and kiwi. Peas are fabulous too.
Our Marrakesh Oranges with Orange Blossom and Cinnamon is a great source of vitamin C as are our Stir-Fried Seasonal Greens .

Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin, so the best way to get more vitamin D is to get out of doors, but otherwise try to eat eggs regularly and/or oily fish.
Try our Spinach and Herb Jibn and if you eat it al-fresco with a fresh salad you’ll be getting a double dose of vitamin D.
(If you don’t often have the chance to get out of doors, consider a vitamin D supplement.)

Vitamin E is simple to get through your diet because it’s present in nuts, seeds, oils and avocados.
Try our Grilled Salmon with Avocado Salsa.

Boost Your B Vitamins
B vitamins are also important for immunity and these are plentiful in wholegrains, pulses, legumes and green leafy vegetables.
Our vegetarian Melting Pot Cholent would give your B vitamins a great boost, also likely to lift your mood, which is why it is a wonderful comfort food.

The King of Vegetables
Cruciferous vegetables, which have cross-shaped flowers, have great powers for reducing inflammation and also may help to protect against cancer.
These include cabbage (sometimes known as the ‘king’ of vegetables) its ‘cousin’ kale, cauliflower, broccoli, rocket, radishes and mustard.
Kale can be bitter, but if you remove the hard stems and paint or spray with a little extra virgin olive oil and then roast for about 10 minutes, then sprinkle with a little sesame oil, you can make kale crisps, which are nothing loke potato crisps but are delicious served as an appetiser or with a salad.
Our Tuscan Bean Soup with Cavolo Nero (kale) provides a powerhouse of vitamins.

Snack on Nuts
Key minerals to help your immune system include iron, zinc and selenium.
Nuts and seeds are a wonderful and delicious source of multiple minerals, especially brazil nuts.
Eggs are also a great way to provide zinc and selenium.
Sprinkle our spicy dukkah onto a hard boiled egg salad and you may combine all 3 key minerals.
Root ginger is also high in zinc and is anti-inflammatory, so thinly slice it and add it to your cooking or infuse it in green tea with lemon.

Count on Omega-3
Omega-3, found in oily fish, such as salmon, tuna, mackerel, herring and sardines is a valuable anti-inflammatory. Vegans can find omega-3 in chia seeds, flax seeds and walnuts etc. but algae oil supplements are more efficient. New research suggests that omega-3 may have a role in prevention of the ‘cytokine storm’ where the immune system goes into overdrive in the latter stages of a coronavirus infection.
Try our beautiful Apple and Pickled Herring Salad with a Creamy Dill Dressing for a good dose of omega-3.

Herbs, Spices and Salad Dressings
Our book explains that fresh herbs and spices can aid digestion, fight inflammation and be wonderful sources of antioxidants.
Homemade unsweetened salad dressings, made with healthy fats such as extra virgin olive oil, are also high in antioxidants and help absorb the vitamins in vegetables and salad greens.
Also, some herbs and spices have been used for thousands of years to treat inflammation. These include turmeric, cumin, ginger, horseradish, thyme and rosemary.
Garlic also has a special role as it acts as an antioxidant and has a reputation for reducing the risk of virus infections.

Ditch the Sugar
Sugar and white carbohydrates can cause inflammation.
We say that: cutting down on sugar is perhaps the biggest step towards a healthier diet.
The desserts in To Life! are fruit-based and all have low or no added sugar.
We offer you many ways to reduce the sugar in your diet including making your own sauces, syrups and dressings or giving children raisins, berries, cherry tomatoes or pieces of fruit instead of sweets.
Also, substitute fresh fruit for dessert whenever possible.
Our Jewelled dark Chocolate and Pomegranate Discs are a healthier alternative to after dinner mints.

Don’t Have a ‘Bread-Based Diet’
Starchy carbohydrates like bread, pasta, rice and potatoes are all broken down into glucose, raising the blood sugar.
When your sugar levels go up, insulin levels follow.
Too much insulin on a regular basis may increase the number of receptors on our cells which allow the virus entry.
Some people have a ‘bread-based diet’ starting the day with toast, then often sandwiches for lunch and finally maybe even pizza or pasta for supper.
This is a quick route to developing diabetes.
A good strategy is to heap up the protein and vegetables on your plate and leave only a small space for carbs.
Egg-based meals such as Emerald Shakshuka or Roast Vegetable Kugel are very low in carbohydrates.

Feed Your Good Gut Bacteria
The bacteria which live in harmony with us in our intestines (known as our microbiome) have a special role in our immune system.
Prebiotics are forms of fibre which feed our gut bacteria, while probiotics are available in fermented foods, adding to the numbers of beneficial bacteria.
Our Supercrunch Granola sprinkled over a yoghurt-based Rainbow Smoothie Bowl should help to support your microbiome.
A simple choice is our Quick Cucumber Pickles, especially helpful if made with organic apple cider vinegar.

To Sum Up
A wholefood Mediterranean-based diet, with minimal sugar and reduced carbohydrates should help to improve your response if exposed to the coronavirus.
Eating fresh home-cooked food is far better than having processed or fast foods.
In addition to this advice it is important to stay hydrated and to exercise regularly.

Judi and Jackie hope you stay safe and well.

To Life! is availabe from YouCaxton and from

Tim Waterstone

Roger Ordish was a TV producer for many years. His memoir, If I Remember Rightly, recently published by YouCaxton, is a very entertaining and interesting account of his years in television and of the celebrities whom he worked with. His old friend Tim Waterstone, founder of Waterstone’s bookshops, has  just sent a delightful recommendation.


If I Remember Rightly arrived yesterday, and I started reading it this morning, at 6.30 am, over my first-of-the-day mug of tea. Thereafter I couldn’t put it down, effectively reading it all through at one sitting. Roger – I really loved it. And, perhaps more importantly, really admired it, and indeed, from it, you. We were such close friends as teenagers, and it is a real pleasure for me to now realise, more fully perhaps than I had before, what a wonderfully rich and rewarding career, and life, that you have led. Your description of it absolutely holds the reader. And you write so well – the ‘voice’ is delightful – sometimes very funny indeed – (my absolute favourite of all your wonderful anecdotes being the little Ken Dodd piece) – sometimes unexpectedly vulnerable and exposed.


Ace stuff, all of it.So well done, my friend. T.’

Georgia Historical Society, Stan Deaton: Button Gwinnett

Stan Deaton, Professor at the Georgia History Library in Savannah, gives an excellent short summary of the life of Button Gwinnett (who signed the American Declaration on Independence) in this short clip, referring in complimentary terms to Button Gwinnett by Colin Gwinnett Sharp, published by YouCaxton Publications.


Well worth a listen: