Ramsbottom Cricket Club launch

175 Not Out! by Nigel Jepson was launched at Ramsbottom Cricket Club on Sunday May 29th 2022.

The  Club was founded in 1845 and few other cricket grounds have the same iconic atmosphere as ‘Acre Bottom’ with its splendid green-and-cream striped pavilion, built back in 1904. Within its hallowed portals, the Club’s own Long Room, where the launch was held, is much like the one at Lords’. The book draws on the club’s archive base with its fascinating range of memorabilia.

The launch was very successful and attracted a good number of local cricket enthusiasts. Over 100 copies of the book were sold on launch day and many more have been sold subsequently.

175 Not Out! follows Come on You Rams, also by Nigel Jepson, published by YouCaxton Publications in Dec 2020, which tells the story of Ramsbottom Football Club.

Bluebell Girl Showreel

Cabaret artiste, Can-Can dancer, singer and magician’s assistant Jane Hoggar published her memoir Bluebell Girl last year. It is an account of her life in entertainment and YouCaxton Publications are proud to have been the publisher. The book is a wonderful roller-coaster of a ride, her proudest moment being performing at the Lido de Paris on the Champs Élysées for Miss Bluebell. However, it was not all easy and in her show/talk she does not gloss over the difficulties.

Unlike most authors, Jane can sing and dance as well as write and she uses her talents to wonderful effect in her one-woman show/talk. You can see snatches of it in her showreel.

Dorchester Book Launch

The Joy of Knowing Pete by Hazel Morgan, Published by YouCaxton Publications, will be launched  on Wednesday 13 July 2022 6.00pm-7.30pm at the Hendover Café, 11 Weymouth Avenue, Dorchester.

Hazel gives a moving but uplifting account of how Pete, despite Down’s syndrome and profound and multiple learning disabilities, gave and received love throughout his relatively short life. Hazel subsequently became a Co-Director of the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities, then part of the Mental Health Foundation, overseeing research and projects and now in retirement she is a trustee of People First Dorset.

Broadway book launch

Reparation, entwined Victorian lives and Cotswold gypsies, by Gail Fulton, was launched at Trinity Modern Galleries on Broadway High Street on Saturday 14 May to great acclaim.

Published by YouCaxton, this beautifully crafted novel tells the story of a fleeting love affair and of mistaken identity – and the tragic repercussions of jealousy.




Saturday Live Interview

Cheryl Underhill, author of The Box of Beautiful Letters, published by YouCaxton in Augst 2021, appeared on Saturday Live on Easter Saturday. Her book is a compilation of the moving love letters of her mother and father, written during World War II while his father was away on service.


Writing, Walking and Publishing

YouCaxton Publications is branching out. Later this year, we will be collaborating with Writer’s Lodge on a series of retreats for writers wishing to self-publish. Courses will cover a mixture of creative writing, non-fiction writing, editing and publishing skills.

The courses will be held in Bishop’s Castle in the beautiful south-Shropshire hills where Writer’s Lodge has superb accommodation and studio space. Along with the courses there will be plenty of time to explore the area and to try out the many delights of the region.






What Did the Canaanites ever Do for Us?

Were the Canaanites just an obscure group whose main claim to fame was that they were around when the early Jews invaded Palestine, a defeated people forced into a long retreat in the face of militant Jewish monotheism?

Those who wrote the Old Testament wanted you to think so.

Bob Fowke will attempt to set the record straight in a talk for the Bishop’s Castle Arts Festival, 2.00 pm Saturday 26 February, in the Church Barn, Bishop’s Castle, Shropshire. He will be looking at pre-Jewish Canaanite culture and the origins of Jewish identity within it, the foundation of Carthage and how the Canaanites gave us the phonetic alphabet, Judaism itself and much more.

Wolverhampton Literature Festival

We’re hosting a workshop on self-publishing at the Wolverhampton Literature Festival, Friday 4 February, 11.00 am – 1.00 pm, all welcome.

The workshop will cover all aspects of publishing:

1. What kind of book? Thinking about the reader.
2. Editing and why it matters.
3. Preparing the manuscript and thinking about the niche.
4. Design, layout and print-ready files.
5. Printing, publication and ISBNs.
6. Distribution through Amazon, online sales, and
7. eBooks.