A series of still life photographs using a technique known as Painting With Light.
Paul Knight

Paul Knight

My first passion as a teenager was photographing the parks of central London at dusk when most people had left for the day.
I then discovered the Lake District through a friend and together we toured the Lakes with our 5x4 and medium format cameras; this quickly became the course I would follow.
After living in Windermere over a period of two years I found my new direction in the Ancient sites of this country, and Egypt as well as producing pictures for album and book covers. However, when I was asked to submit some images to illustrate an album of Schumann’s Dichterliebe, I read the poems from Lyrisches Intermezzo and I realised that landscapes were not going to represent how I felt about the piece.
Published:December 2020
Hardback:110 pages
Size:265 x 265 mm

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I decided to move away from landscape photography and instead create a collection that captured the essence of nature and the spirit of mystery. This requires control of every element within the image, creating new dynamics and relationships of the usually familiar.
This series of still life photographs use a technique known as Painting With Light.
It involves long camera exposures and a moving light source to create a soft painterly quality which is reminiscent of the paintings from the Dutch Golden Age of Art and can be seen in still life studies, landscapes and portraiture of that period.

The Vines of de Gressier – Book 2 of the de Gressier Quartet
C. S. Bunker

The Vines of de Gressier
Book 2 of the de Gressier Quartet

When the German army occupies Bordeaux in August 1940, the lives of Juliette Guégan, David Daunier and Dominique Hilaire are again thrown into flux; but it is the arrival at Château de Gressier of Leutnant Heinrik Klugman, a pilot in the Luftwaffe, which twists the kaleidoscope of their lives and sends them in different directions.

Once again, war creates a series of moral and ethical dilemmas to be navigated. Should you put the lives of your family at risk to work with the Resistance? Should you find comfort in the arms of your best friend’s son? How do you fight collaboration and corruption when it pervades the reputation of the very institution you have sworn to uphold? Should there be a penalty for going to the bed of your family’s enemy? Should love deny differences in age and race?

Published: March 2021
Paperback: 406 pages
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ISBN: 9-781913-425821

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Set against the vineyards of Bordeaux and South Africa, and the battlefields of the Eastern Front, The Vines of de Gressier continues as a story of love, betrayal, corruption and, above all, human resilience.

With much-loved characters from The Lands of de Gressier, C.S. Bunker has written another well-researched page-turner, with clever plots and sub-plots, all interwoven with people and events of history. Another must-read!

The Moonlight Sonata – Part 2 of the Beethoven Trilogy
Tess Alps

The Moonlight Sonata
Book Two of the Beethoven Trilogy

Cathy Fitzgerald, the longed-for daughter of Hannah and John, enjoys a charmed childhood in Rowanbridge until the harsh realities of life in 1930s Ireland bring the idyll to a shocking end. Cathy’s life changes forever.
Escaping all the demons lurking in her home village and armed with everything her parents have taught her, she finds a new home in Dublin before moving on to England to train as a nurse just as the Second World War is looming. The world needs her kindness, intelligence and industry more than ever and Cathy has more than enough love to heal every wounded soul.
But finding long-lasting love in return proves elusive until Cathy returns to Connemara, where her father had taken her as a child and where she had been so happy by the sea, skimming stones, in the shadow of the dreaded Letterfrack Industrial school.
Eventually, Cathy is drawn back to her family in Rowanbridge where the many secrets that have lain buried so long - and have shaped her family so profoundly - begin to emerge.

By the author of The Harp Quartet.
Published: August 2020
Paperback: 256 pages
Price: £9.99
ISBN: 9-781913-425388

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Tess Alps has written all her adult life from educational plays from her time in theatre-in-education to regular columns on advertising for The Guardian.
She read English at Durham and her long career in advertising has required many forms of writing. This is her second published novel.
Inspired by a photograph of her grandmother at a finishing school in Dublin and using snippets of memories from her mother Kay, The Moonlight Sonata is the second of three novels about Hannah McDermott and her family.
The first, The Harp Quintet, was published in April 2020 and the final part, The Pastoral Symphony, appearing in 2021, all being well.
It is fitting that this ‘Beethoven trilogy’ is making its first appearance in the 250th anniversary year of Beethoven’s birth.
Tess lives in the Chilterns with her husband; she edits the village magazine and is an avid gardener, competing fiercely in the village garden club shows.

The Secret, the Sword and the Seal
Fran Norton

On a bleak November day in the year of Our Lord, 1307, Eve de Clavering rode away from the Staffordshire Castle of Heleigh into an uncertain future. Wracked by grief at losing her young husband, Thomas de Audley, Eve carries a guilty secret, one which will affect the rest of her life. When she arrives back in Essex, the home of her dominating father, Sir John de Clavering, Eve discovers her future has already been decided. No time for grief, Eve reluctantly meets Sir Thomas de Ufford, the second son of a kinsman to the Earl of Suffolk. Infuriated by her father's insensitive behaviour, it sparks a rift between father and daughter which will never be resolved. However, against all odds, Eve discovers an ally in her second husband but will the chance of happiness be overshadowed by her secret? Meantime, Thomas introduces her to court life where she meets the powerful and colourful characters surrounding the Edward II and his queen Isabella of France, but Eve hates the hypocrisy and underlying tensions. In 1314, Thomas joins the knights and earls of the king to face the Scots at the fateful Battle of Bannockburn where the English suffer an ignominious defeat and where the king even loses the Great Seal of State.
Published:September 2020
Paperback:227 pages

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Once again Eve finds herself a widow but this time, she has three young sons to protect. A proposal of marriage from James de Audley throws her into a quandary, beset by guilt, Eve refuses. How will she overcome her emotions and will she now seize the chance to marry her girlhood love? When her brother-in-law, Hugh de Audley escapes from Nottingham Castle, Eve finds herself in danger as the king's treacherous favourite, Hugh Despenser the Younger, sends troops to search her home at Stratton. Set against the dysfunctional reign of Edward II, Eve's destiny unfolds against a backdrop of civil wars, through a time of desperate poverty and the unending struggle with the Scots, in a period of history which is filled with treachery, intrigue, and controversy. Come, let us accompany Eve through the years of her eventful life; meet the four men who play a intrinsic role in her destiny and watch, as the terrible fate of a king's favourites unfolds. These are the years of 'The Secret, the Sword and the Seal'.

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Georgia Historical Society, Stan Deaton: Button Gwinnett

Stan Deaton, Professor at the Georgia History Library in Savannah, gives an excellent short summary of the life of Button Gwinnett (who signed the American Declaration on Independence) in this short clip, referring in complimentary terms to Button Gwinnett by Colin Gwinnett Sharp, published by YouCaxton Publications.


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Policeman’s Prose
Tim Grace

Policeman's Prose
Tim Grace

This is a collection of poems written over the last forty-five years: from childhood memories to life in Cyprus as a teenager in the 1970’s, to policing in London during the 1980s and 1990s and time with Customs and Excise.
Tim is still in law enforcement.
His current role is as an investigator with The Illegal Money Lending Team.
He writes about mums and dads and daughters and discusses the question what is love? Homelessness is close to his heart, as the poem about the YMCA and The Tramp illustrates. Then there are his beloved pets, Captain and Brenda, both immortalised in verse.
The author shares his raw emotions about Depression and thoughts of suicide and talks about tragedies such as Dunblane and the Twin Tower attacks.
Published: May 2020
Paperback: 56 pages
Price: £4.99
ISBN: 9-781913-425227

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Tim was born in Germany and lived in Aden and Cyprus before settling down as a Metropolitan policeman in 1979. After twenty years' service he was medically retired. Later he joined Customs & Excise looking at counterfeit goods. He became an expert on the subject and lectured around the world to his counterparts.
In 2011 he reconnected with his childhood sweetheart Michelle and they married. They moved in together in 2013 when Tim moved to Birmingham where they currently live. He has one son and two married daughters, two sons-in-law, three granddaughters and a grandson on his way.
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Wimbledon and the History of Tennis

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For those seeking to overcome their addiction to television during Wimbledon, Love Game: A History of Tennis, from Victorian Pastime to Global Phenomenonby Elizabeth Wilson, could be just the medicine. This wide-ranging and well-researched book contains many fascinating diversions, for instance – a discussion of ‘Love’ and the Greek agape.

A History of Wolverhampton
Chris Upton


An excellent introduction to a much-changed town. Chris Upton’s A History of Wolverhampton  makes an invaluable contribution to the story of Wolverhampton’s evolution from the rural Saxon settlement of Wulfruna through to a power house of the industrial Revolution and beyond.