A Reason to Love Them
Daniela Svampa Cowie

As a result of the incredible response and feedback to my autobiography, A Reason To Love Me, I felt A Reason To Love Them to be the most logical follow up. Although not a sequel per se, the two are very much linked. Whilst offering further insight into my life experiences, with this book I aim to challenge views and beliefs by suggesting alternative perspectives, perspectives which have helped me heal and take my life back.

Although it can be incredibly hard at times for us to love ourselves, it can feel almost impossible for us to love ’them’, those whom we view as the perpetrators. A lesson without which inner peace cannot be achieved.

A book that offers techniques, methods and alternative perspectives which deal with overcoming trauma and abuse. From mental health to physical abuse the author through her own life experience as a survivor, with courage, love and acceptance, proves that nothing is insurmountable.
Published: Feb 2020
Paperback: 174 pages
Price: £11.99
ISBN: 9-781913-425128

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Daniela began her journey in rural Italy, surrounded by scrutiny and judgement, searching for love, acceptance and purpose. Her determination and hopes led her on a tumultuous journey that has seen her deal with the dramatic realities of her life. Using the strength and knowledge gained she has sought and found a balance and tranquillity she now channels into guiding and supporting others. Through her counselling and public speaking, she is now dedicated to helping others face and overcome their difficulties and demons in life and continues to deliver her message of love, hope and peace.
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