The Phenomenon of the Human Distress Pattern
Micheline Mason

Published: Sept 2022
Paperback: 72 pages
Price: £8.99
ISBN: 9-781914-424755
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The Phenomenon of the Human Distress Pattern
Our only Real Enemy

We are born with three extraordinary powers naturally available to us free of charge – the power of touch, the power of attention, and the power of imagination, but no one tells us this. These powers are barely understood and therefore greatly underused. If they were understood and used we would not find ourselves in the precarious state we are in.
Our beautiful world and all it’s natural wonders are being threatened by hurt human beings who are consequently unable to think and act in our own best interests.
This little book tries to explain how our minds work, how they become partly frozen by painful memories, and how these ‘ice-balls’ can drive our behaviours. It looks at how we can help each other to melt these inner ice-balls using the natural powers we all have.
The author suggests how we can harness these powers to halt our own destructive behaviours, allowing nature to heal not only us but also our damaged ecosystems before it is too late.

Micheline Mason is an artist, writer and activist. For over forty-five years she was part of an international organisation of people who developed a simple but profound way to help each other to recover from past emotional injuries.
In this community she helped develop the theory and became a teacher of the method, exchanging attention with thousands of people in many different countries.
In her ‘retirement’ she has chosen to share what she learnt with as many people as possible with a view to empowering them to continue the work themselves. She lives in London.