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The Winning Link
Michael Salako

TheWinningLink Have you ever met anyone who dares to lose in any undertaking? Be careful if you do. Desire for the euphoria and fulfilment associated with winning can be addictive. But must winning be driven by a quest for this sensation? And does having this experience define who a winner is? There’s more to winning than winning; it is possible to win and yet to feel unfulfilled. After a winner emerges from any competition, people rally round for the winner’s winning tips. They tend to forget the time-tested truth that slow and steady wins the race and someone who seems to be an overnight star may always have been a star, one who dreamed of victory before he won. Most world-renowned talents never had their beds laid for them filled with roses as glamourous media coverage would have us believe. Winners win because they nurture the winner within them.
Published:1st Nov 2014
Paperback:144 pages

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There is a treasure worth having that is more secure than all the financial centres of this world - the true knowledge of who you are and the strength to believe in yourself. In this wonderful book, everyday occurrences are used to demonstrate the different factors that turn dreams into hope - the hope that you will be the subject of the next winning story for the world to write and talk about. Michael E. Salako writes from experience that cuts across healthcare services, lecturing and banking. He holds an MBA (Finance) with a British University.


Arlette Meli
I read this book at distressful phase of my life. I was not really motivated go read it as I was feeling really low until the day I started the first page. It became like an obsession, the book was the answer to all my questions and things seemed clearer and achievable. From chapter 4, I really liked it as it becomes more dynamic and interesting. Thanks again Michael for your book.