Those were the days
David Corbett

TWTDcover1-212x300 Those were the Days
by David Corbett

For nearly half a century from the dark days of World War II until the last decade of the Twentieth Century, BBC Radio featured programmes of old-time dance music. Those Were the Days with Harry Davidson and His Orchestra was first on the air in 1943, Sydney Thompson followed with Take Your Partners in 1948, and, in 1957, Sidney Bowman was engaged to play in a series soon titled Time for Old Time. When Harry Davidson retired in 1966, he had completed some 2,000 'live' broadcasts. Sidney Davey took on his mantle, and continued until 1976, the year that our final old-time maestro, Bryan Smith, stepped up to the conductor's rostrum with Sequence Time.
Published:28th Nov 2014
Hardback:160 pages

Sunday Times
'Those Were the Days' is wonderful - it will give me great pleasure."
Radio critic

Daily Telegraph
Sunday Telegraph

A real work of broadcasting scholarship as well as being a useful piece of social history."
Radio Critic

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This book is the only comprehensive survey of this unique form of radio entertainment. Not only does it describe, in detail, how the music changed but it also charts the development and decline of old-time dancing which is such an important part of our heritage, being the original form of ballroom dancing. Anyone who is interested in light orchestral music or melodies in a more popular vein from the music hall to popular standards, will find here a rich reserve. Those whose passion is for dancing will discover the original old-time dances and the names of the people and dances involved in the old-time revival as well as the interaction between old-time and modern sequence dancing.

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BILL BEBB, Producer, 'Those Were the Days' 1964
"I arrived home the other day to find a large wrapped paving slab leaning against my door. When I opened the package I couldn't believe the size and detailed contents there were within. What a magnificent undertaking, and I can't tell you how much I've already enjoyed reading about my early days at the BBC, and so many wonderful names from the past. I shall display the book with pride on my book shelves."

PETER ELSDON, Middlesbrough
What a magnus opus and labour of love

I knew that the book would be something special but this has surpassed all my expectations. It really is quite magnificent, and you should be very proud. It has rarely left my side this last couple of days, and I'm afraid it has also kept me from some of those post holiday chores! It has replaced my previous choice as my book to take on a desert island, and that's some achievement!"