The Evil Within Me
Chan Jagatia

Chan Jagiata _COVER_ v1-1 280115_ 9781909644564 You are all alone in a narrow and very dark corridor. In front of you stands a nightmarish being, the thing you fear most in the entire world. You hear it breathing. You place your hands over your mouth in order to steady your own breathing, hoping to stop the sound of your hastened breath … Be prepared for shock horror and dread! And be grateful you’re not Sam Smith. Sam has a close circle of friends but one of them has become entangled in something so awful that their web of friendship is under impossible strain. Sam has been severely tested by life but now he must undergo unimaginable obstacles - and a hellish figure of Nazrath from Ancient India emerges from the darkness.
Published:1st March 2015
Paperback:487 pages

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Amazon Reader Reviews...

Maya Black - Great Read, highly recommended
I started to read this book and couldn't put it down, the suspense builds up as the story moves on and it becomes quite gripping. The characters are really good and all have their individual identity and you can't help but get pulled into their world. The book is also quite emotional at times and tugged at my heart strings a few times. I found the Indian references quite interesting too. It is a brilliant read and I definitely recommend it.

Khalid Sheikh - grabs your attention from the first page and does not release you until the very last page...
This is a brilliant debut novel by Chan Jagatia as through this book he has mixed the horror genre with Indian mythology in a way which I have never seen before in any other books or medium and mixes them both in a way which is not confusing and easy to follow. The book is also full of plot twists - majority I hadn't seen coming just when you think you have it all figured out Bam! Chan switches gears and takes the book in a different direction. In addition to this the characters are likeable, the dialogue memorable (especially the humour as it is on point) and overall the book was gripping and made me want to read to the end to find out how it all pans out. If you want a book which is a page turner, has characters to root for, good setting and plot then this book is a MUST READ for you.

Coops - Enjoyable, easy read
This is a great first novel for this author. There is awesome attention to detail centred around Indian mythology and Hindu theology, which is very enjoyable. I reckon future books will be even better so I'll be keeping my eye on what he publishes next.