What is next for us
Nubia Assata

Published: Sept 2022
Paperback: 95 pages
Price: £6.99
ISBN: 9-780957-472358
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What is next for us
Nubia Assata

What Is Next For Us? Is in itself a question. Opening up a discourse on the future of black political activity, modern Pan-African pursuits and the relationship between the African continent and the global black diaspora.

Nubia answers a multitude of questions covering the urgency of psychological liberation, the erroneous attachment to Black Messianism and the importance of radical collectivism.

Following her debut book Silent Screams, Nubia stays true to her commitment to use her writings to mitigate the legacies of colonialism and slavery, but this time she focuses on the economic and socio-political legacies that ravage the global black community.

Ultimately bringing the reader to ask themselves the culminating question, what is next for us?

Nubia Assata is a young ,eighteen-year-old, up-and-coming author who integrates her intersecting activism for black consciousness and mental health through her work. She has used her experiences with mental health and racism, whilst being a young black woman in Britain as a springboard to open the conversation of what ‘Blackness’ means in 21st Century Britain and the world.


Khushi Dhutty
Nubia's words are empowering, raw, authentic – she leaves the readership with that one eponymous question – what is next for us? And poses the final balance on the weighing scales of the future – will we remain in comfortability, or will the Black Diaspora leave the slumber and launch a rekindling of that innate determination to debilitate the lies of white supremacy?

Dr Martin Glynn (April 2022)
Despite being young, Nubia displays a maturity of purpose in her writing, combined with an important ‘call to arms’ to anyone who believes in addressing important issues concerning blackness, politics and identity.