Are We Nearly There Yet?
Gareth Evans

Published: March 2023
Paperback: 120 pages
Price: £8.99
ISBN: 9781914424977
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Are We Nearly There Yet?
Wrestling with Issues in the Life of Faith
by Gareth Evans

Many Christians adhere, without any difficulty, to the faith as they received it. The Bible can be trusted as infallible and as such it is God’s Word which will guide them through life. Their salvation they believe, is assured, because Jesus died on the cross for their sins. By following him, they are assured of eternal life.

Many people have now rejected that viewpoint, and have left the Church, disillusioned with the message that the Church has been preaching. There are many, still in the Church however, who have questions that they need help in answering. These include:

• Why doesn’t God appear to answer my prayers?
• Should gay people be able to get married in Church?
• How do I make sense of other Faiths?

The Church should be the place where they can safely ask their difficult questions, but sadly this is not always the case, and many people wrestle with difficulties which can lead to a loss of their faith.

In this book, Gareth Evans examines some of these issues and whilst he doesn’t seek to provide all the answers, he takes the reader on a journey which he is on himself and may at least help them in realising that they are not on their own.

Gareth Evans spent his entire working life in the Banking Industry. After retiring he then spent a number of years as a Non-Executive Director in Social Housing. A life long Christian he was brought up in the Welsh Non-Conformist tradition and has now been, for a number of years a member of his local Anglican Church, where he is an accredited Lay Reader. This is his first book, seeking to address some of the issues which many people of faith have difficulties with, but which they don’t easily find the answers to.