Yes We Can
Maureen Roberts

Published: March 2023
Paperback: 96 pages
Price: £7.99
ISBN: 9781914424892
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Yes We Can With a touch of magic by Maureen Roberts The lonely piano’s music floats round the market hall. Will it waken the young girl sleeping under one of the stalls? It does, and Annie and her piano embark on a journey of music and love. Love, for Annie, is in the shape of the piano and in Ezra who is in her class at school. The corona virus has closed the school, much to Ezra’s delight. Ezra’s birthday present is a bicycle which gets stolen by Nigel and his gang. Ezra’s replacement bike is an abandoned wreck but Annie and her brother Fred help to get it repaired by Bob, the bike man, who Annie works for at the weekend. Although Ezra is persecuted by Nigel and his gang, Ezra always prevails. Does the bike have special powers? Or is it all in Ezra’s imagination? The piano teaches Annie to play. She practices and becomes brilliant. The bike has given Ezra confidence to cope with his mum’s illness. Fred shows how, even when you are small, you can have the bravery of a giant. The first stirrings of teenage love and the hard realities of it, permeate this story of Annie and Ezra..
  Maureen Roberts is eighty-two and a widow. She worked as a primary school teacher and had a gap year when she was fifty. She fell madly in love when she was fifty-one and subsequently spent time travelling the world with her wonderful, crazy companion, John. When John died, she started writing books for children, taking in bits from our travels. She has six grand children who inspired and encouraged her to write her stories.