Barley’s Biscuit, Ironbridge Gorge
Roy Bradshaw

Barley’s Biscuit, Ironbridge Gorge
A Paddle and the Golden Glow)

Following on from their adventures at Benthall Edge, Pattern’s Rock Quarry, this new adventure finds Barley the clever collie dog, and Basil his collie-dog nephew in the historic World Heritage site of Ironbridge Gorge with their human friend Mick.
They walk through the gorgeous township and also do a bit of sailing in a special boat – and some precarious climbing. The spectacular little town of Ironbridge, also known as ‘the Wharfage’, makes for a fabulous setting, but the real action revolves around the Ironbridge itself.
Published: July 2021
Price: £6.99
Paperback 28 pages
Illustrations: Full colour
ISBN: 9-781914-424182

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There’s a problem with the structure of the Bridge and the dogs spring into action. Barley needs all his ingenuity and Basil needs to be a trusty companion if they’re going to get out of it alive; much is at stake! This is a dangerousadventure and many things can go wrong on a hot summer’s day in the Gorge.
But there’s a really tasty and cool treat in store for them if they succeed…

Teaching in primary, secondary and special educational needs schools gave Roy Bradshaw a broad experience in the joys that a good adventure story brings to young minds (and not so young minds). Coupled with a previous career in engineering, the teaching helped to gel a problem-solving mind with fun one. Growing up in the Black Country, then moving close to Ironbridge some thirty years ago has allowed him to discover many of the local beauty spots and to use them as a background for my children’s books.