Barley’s Biscuit, Pipit’s Perilous Plight
Roy Bradshaw

Barley’s Biscuit, Pipit's Perilous Plight

Up the Wrekin, here we go! Barley, the clever BorderCollie dog, Basil, his nephew and Mick, their human friend, have an exciting adventure and learn fascinating things about the Wrekin, a Shropshire beauty spot of fabulous rural charm, and a place of legends and wild imagination. When Mick runs into an old friend and local hero Gary, they start chatting – and the two dogs rummage around for an adventure...

Barley and Basil soon find themselves involved in a dangerous stand-off between a massive red-deer stag and a tiny meadow pipit bird.
Published: March 2022
Price: £6.99
Paperback 24 pages
Illustrations: Full colour
ISBN: 9-781914-424540

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The stag is very distressed and Barley is not sure whether he’s friendly or not. But the stag is standing between Barley and a meadow pipit in serious life-threatening trouble – and she has a nest full of newly born chicks. Barley has to think quickly of a way to rescue the pipit. He needs to trust his instincts...

Does the meadow pipit understand that Barley is a friend? A new friend might just be able to help…

Teaching in primary, secondary and special educational needs schools gave Roy Bradshaw a broad experience in the joys that a good adventure story brings to young minds (and not so young minds). Coupled with a previous career in engineering, the teaching helped to gel a problem-solving mind with fun one. Growing up in the Black Country, then moving close to Ironbridge some thirty years ago has allowed him to discover many of the local beauty spots and to use them as a background for my children’s books.