The meteoric rise and sudden fall of a 1960s eight-piece band from Bournemouth.
Tim Large

9781909644939 In the summer of 1965, Dave Anthony’s Moods, an eight-piece band from the musical cauldron of Bournemouth, were confidently poised to take over the world of jazzy, brassy, bluesy, popular music and rule supreme.
No such luck. Four years later, they were a backing group for a second-rate Italian pop singer and the band fell painfully apart. Nobody but a few dedicated fans remembers them today. This is the story of how that fiery ambition arose and how it developed and mutated - and how it descended in fits and starts into final failure.
Dave Athony's Moods is Tim Large's account of an amazing journey of peaks and troughs, hilarity and boredom, triumph and occasional tragedy, all seen through his inspired, time-distorted prism. He saw it all, from before the beginning until after the very end. This is his version and he's sticking to it.
Published:1st Dec 2015
Paperback:158 pages

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