Deluge Drawings
Sam Branton

Deluge is a collection of miniature drawings which imagine the bizarre, comical and confused moments that could happen during the aftermath of a great downpour. Newly paired and mystified inhabitants are set against idyllic, pastoral landscapes – a whale hangs from a tree, waiting for his weight to break the branch; elsewhere, a horse, awkwardly struggles to escape from an inflated pufferfish; savage peacocks are tearing apart an octopus; and a baby elephant struggles to carry a beached whale back to the water.
Published:21st March 2015
Hardback:48 pages

Blackwells Art Shop, Oxford

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Also available in small format paperback - 150 x 150 mm

Sam Branton, attended Norwich Art School and has exhibited in London, Stockholm and Los Angeles.
Published:June 2015
Paperback:48 pages

Blackwells Art Shop, Oxford

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