Duped X3 Liars
Alice-Rose Trent

9781911175872 Nottingham born, middle-class, Belle Windsor, had life mapped out (she thought). Turned a different corner for the sake of motherhood. Married “The Psycho” in error! Left unemployed, evicted, homeless, women’s refuge, injunction orders couldn’t keep him away, not even beyond the grave. Moves onto rough council estate, Sissy, comforter and friend, high-class, respectable whore, exposes unconventional means to an end, juicy erotica sexual upper-class scandal, with some wry sense of humour including connotations of questionable Jamaican patwa accent poetically written into the effing pot! Toff’s supply the assignments, she controls the agreements? Belle meets her soulmate, successful businessman, New Yorker, Jenson Lancaster.
Published: Nov 2017
Paperback: 280 pages
Price: £9.99
ISBN: 9-781911-175872

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“The Doctor” robbed her of baby and womanhood without consent, left barren! Cover ups, closed ranks, lawsuits. “The A-list Celebrity” steals Belle Windsor’s life script, ends up on life support. Paparazzi circus say, “Stealing for healing” colossal fanbase, “Just want to fix her?”. Psychic left trails of dirty knickers, shabby tea stained tarot cards revealed: “Take heed, one, two, three! “Don’t judge a book by its cover!” Includes an array of poetic converse that will inspire. Captivating and utterly gripping Author’s survival kit: “University of Life”
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Amazon Customer

Fantastic read keeps you rushing through the pages. Can not wait for the next one

Tony David Williams

Excellent good read. Covers contemporary issues. Easy to read. Not to be missed.

Sandra Amos

Very well written, leaves you on the edge of your seat . A must buy & read kinda book . You won’t be able to put it down !