Freddy’s Flying adventures
Henry G Sampson

Published:Dec 2016
Paperback:30 pages

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Henry G Sampson
Born in 1951, Henry Sampson has been a farmer for most of his life, starting on his Dad’s dairy farm in Staffordshire, where he grew up amongst the animals and learned the skills of farming. Later in life, he acquired his own farm in Cheshire in 1979 with his wife Deidre and they went on to win many awards for the quality of their milk and their prize winning dairy herd.
In recent years, health problems have obliged Henry to sell his prize-winning herd. his emotional creative side became inspired, but he kept his writing a secret from the rest of the family. He had always had a passion for flying and from this passion produced his first book, Freddy’s Flying Adventure. The reveal of Freddy’s Flying Adventure was a great surprise.
Allie Pottinger
Allie is an artist specialising in watercolour paintings depicting her love of nature, cottage gardens, countryside scenes, portraits and her dog. Allie also organizes watercolour workshops and classes. She was born in Cheshire on bonfire night 1965 in the heart of the beautiful rolling countryside which would later become her inspiration for art. Allie graduated with a degree in graphic design, specialising in Illustration. She set up an illustration art-studio in Covent Garden, however, five years later she found herself drawn back to Cheshire.
Allie met Henry through the local commissioning of work for his family but later worked with Henry to bring his text alive through her illustrations.

Reader Reviews...


This is such a magical story with the most beautiful illustrations. My little boy just loves it. An instant classic.


I have just read your dads amazing book to William and Indi. William now wants to go and build his own plane. They loved it.


I bought this book for Christmas for a couple of friend's children. The book is beautifully illustrated and is such a lovely story. It was a perfect gift.


This is a magical story and my Children love me reading it to them over and over again. The illustrations are beautiful.