The Conspiracy behind the Shropshire Hills Vanishings
Carl Lafferty

9781911175933 A mysterious light appears in the sky over the south Shropshire hills; four teachers from a nearby school inexplicably disappear; a West-Midlands MI5 outpost is closed without notice; its boss - the beautiful Julia Anderson, mysteriously vanishes without trace. It seems that Julia's former colleague, misogynistic ex-policeman Brian Humphries, is the only person interested in discovering the whole truth. But is Brian quite the person he seems to be? And can he save Julia and expose the conspiracy of silence which surrounds the disappearances before The Service gets to him? Or will his efforts instead be thwarted by Julia’s ex-flatmate, recovered paranoid schizophrenic Peter Williams? With every twist and turn, the intricacies of this intriguing and darkly humorous thriller take the reader further and further into the murky depths of Peter’s mental illness and MI5’s determination to keep their secret – whatever the collateral damage to those who stand in their way. Other books by Carl Lafferty... The Darkness That Lies Beneath
Published: 1st Dec 2017
Paperback: 336 pages
Price: £12.50
ISBN: 9-781911-175933
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Carl was born in 1960 in a Welsh Marches market town. Having studied at a West Country university, he spent a brief period teaching in a Berkshire state school, before returning to his home town to pursue a career in international education. Carl gave up his business interests in 2014 to focus more fully on his writing; Collateral Nuclear Damage is his first full-length novel. He continues to work from home, supported by his wife and three university-based children.
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