Herman Homunculus Workbook Series

Beat the Bullies

Herman Homunculs front cover

We’re very pleased to be involved in the publication of the Herman Homunculus Workbook Series, a clever and useful series of children’s books by Dr. Lynda Shaw, a specialist psychologist. The series is designed to help young people understand how their mental and physical well being is affected by their experiences.

Beat The Bullies Use Your Brain is the first book in the series and will be available shortly. It looks at how children can overcome the agony of bullying in the playground, using a fictional format and ‘brain box’ questions to reinforce its message.

The young reader embarks on a remarkable journey through the brain, encountering neurons and synapses and learning something of the complexities which make us feel sad or happy – a journey of self-discovery. Dr.  Shaw’s intention in writing these books is to help children, their parents and teachers to recognise and cope with problems such as bullying before the problems develop into isolation and dangerous lowering of self esteem and self worth.